International Medical Clinic Chiang Mai: Boston Health Polyclinic

Boston medical clinic Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a state-of-the-art medical centre in Northern Thailand concentrating on wellness and multi-speciality care. Boston’s Chiang Mai medical clinic is staffed by fluent English-speaking medical doctors.

We see most patients by appointment but also welcome walk-in patients. We are a family medical clinic in Chiang Mai, but also have specialists in orthopaedics, women’s health, Chinese medicine, physio therapy, and multiple specialities beyond normal wellness and healthcare clinics.

Discover Wellness At Our Western-Style International Medical Clinic Chiang Mai

Leading International Medical Clinic In Chiang Mai, Thailand

The number one priority at our wellness clinic is concentrating on your wellness. We always keep your quality of life as our goal, and do everything to make sure that all your healthcare services and treatments are based on what is best for you. We have internal medicine physicians, sports medicine, physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, a primary care doctor, and multiple specialists. Our medical professionals are all completely fluent in English and Thai. We know an English fluent doctor is important to you.

Wellness And Longevity At Our International Medical Clinic In Chiang Mai

Everyone’s interested in living longer, but what we should be interested in is having maximum wellness for as long as possible. It’s not very good to have a long life if the years are not productive and enjoyable. We all have different interests in retirement, but we can all agree on the importance of enjoying it. You need healthcare services by medical professionals with an emphasis on wellness and holistic medicine. Interestingly, this should start when you’re younger, rather than waiting until the last minute.

If you are looking for an international medical health clinic near you in Chiang Mai, then we can provide the best medical doctor for you.


A Holistic Medical Centre & Health Clinic Near You

What is a holistic medical service? That means a service that emphasises looking at you as an entire person rather than one single problem or healthcare issue – everything is related.

A positive mental attitude, nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine, combined with Western medicine. They have to be used in a complementary fashion working together to achieve the best version of you that is possible.

You must understand that each should be complementary to each other and not contradictory. Traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and holistic treatments can all work together, if mutual respect is given to all of the modalities.

Holistic Medical Center Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Medical Clinic Near Me: Walk-In or Schedule an Appointment Today

We run our clinic by appointment. However, we do appreciate emergencies do happen. We welcome walk-in patients to our Chiang Mai clinic. We must see patients with appointments on time, and we work with the walk-in patients around that schedule. If you can make an appointment in advance, then you will be seen promptly at your appointment time. We think your time is extremely important to us at our Chiang Mai medical clinic.

Healthcare services should be provided promptly and on schedule. If you need medical certificates or other elective services, it’s much better to do so by appointment.

Our compassionate, professional doctors will do their very best to see walk-in patients as promptly as possible at our medical center ideally located across from Global House on the second ring road. You want your healthcare services promptly, at a holistic medical center you can trust.

Healthcare Medical Clinic Chiang Mai Boston Health

A Family Medical Clinic With Longevity Expertise: Explore our Modern Medical Centre

We have a medical laboratory and on-site ability to perform virtually all laboratory tests. STD testing and treatments are available with prompt results. We don’t just treat the disease, we offer counseling and STD protection. Cholesterol testing, PSA, HIV, Covid antigen, RSV, and all other lab tests are available. We also have IV vitamin therapy, peptide therapy, and amino acid therapy.

Family Health Care Medical Clinic In Chiang Mai: Uniting Family Medicine & Specialised Care

Vaccinations, routine, screening, and cancer screening are all part of early prevention and treatment of serious illness. In a perfect world, every step possible is taken to avoid serious medical illness if it is at all preventable. If in-hospital treatment of a serious lung infection can be prevented by a new pneumococcal vaccination while you’re healthy, that is much better. Similarly, many diseases can be avoided with either vaccinations or appropriate early screening.

Cancer treatment is much easier in the early stages and has a much higher cure rate. This is why cancer screening is so important and emphasised at our own medical wellness clinic and health clinic. A good family doctor will do wellness checkups, vaccinations, counselling, and preventive medicine to try and avoid serious medical problems before they occur.

International Medical Clinic Near Me: Enhancing Your Well-being with Specialised Services Close To You

Although we strongly believe in family physicians and primary care, there are situations where a sub-specialist or specialist is required because of the nature of the problem. Particularly if a special procedure or surgery is required, these are best done by specialists who have trained at a healthcare medical center to be an expert in their field. Once that process is completed, the primary care physician will help you take steps to make sure that you try to avoid as many medical problems as possible.

Once that process is completed, the primary care physician will help you take steps to make sure that you try to avoid as many medical problems as possible.

Our Health Clinic’s General Manager

Dr. Michael K. Ackland, M.D. FAAOS, FRCSC

Dr. Ackland is the owner and general manager of the clinic. However, all medical services are provided by Boston Health’s team of licensed Thai doctors offering a range of services:

The Medical Clinic Chiang Mai Can Rely On For Guaranteed Quality

A Chiang Mai Medical Clinic With Licensed Professional Doctors

Please meet our professional licensed doctors, here to ensure you have an expert opinion at all times.

Pupe Physical Therapist

Our Physical Therapist

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Chiang Mai - Dr Neon

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Ploy

Primary Care/Family Medicine

Ami: Primary Care Womens Health

Primary Care/Women’s Health

The Best Western-Style Medical Clinic Chiang Mai Trusts for Primary Care, Treatment, and Prevention!


A Comprehensive Health Clinic In Chiang Mai

Experience Comprehensive Health Care at Our Western-style International Chiang Mai Medical Clinic

Comprehensive care means approaching every patient with a holistic view of treatment. We have traditional Chinese medicine and combine this with Western-style physical therapy. Choosing to take on one of our Chiang Mai Medical doctor team means you are dealing with an open-minded physician with a varied skill set, and one who is willing to use both traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and holistic approaches to your well-being.

It’s very important before you decide on a specific treatment to make sure that you have the correct diagnosis. This is why we use state-of-the-art MRI, laboratory tests, and all diagnostic methods to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis. We then proceed with a holistic medicine approach in a complementary fashion. Western medicine and Eastern medicine can work very well together, and when combined with nutrition, and with proper counselling, the patient can achieve maximum wellness.

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Premium care from 40+ Years of Health Clinic Management

Exceptional Medical Services at Our Chiang Mai Medical Centre Hospital


Years of experience

At Boston, we pride ourselves with not just delivering the best health care services in clinic, but through our 40 years of experience and relationship building with doctors and surgeons in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we are able to connect our clients with the best possible specialist for any condition at a more affordable price than many hospitals would offer directly.

A chronic cough cannot necessarily represent a lung problem. Sometimes it could be something as simple as reflux, best handled by a G.I. physician. An excellent primary care doctor is best qualified to help you choose the best specialist for your problem. They will guide you through the complicated process of health care in the most efficient manner possible.

Medical Center Chiang Mai Owner Mike Ackland

Why We’re Our Chiang Mai Clinic Is Exceptional

Why are we exceptional? First, we are a polyclinic, which simply means we have multiple best specialists represented at our clinic. These top medical professionals who provide state-of-the-art care. All of our partners are chosen carefully to be completely fine in English so that there are no communication problems. They all have to have that rare combination of compassion and competence, and each of them is the best doctor in their chosen speciality. We know how important family and internal medicine physicians and primary care are in coordinating the services.

Elevating Health Standards at Our Chiang Mai Clinic


our Chiang Mai Medical Health practice

Boston Health Clinic Chiang Mai: Elevating Health Standards at Our Chiang Mai Medical Clinic

Medical professionals in Chiang Mai are extremely good. With the benefit of a superb medical school, many high-quality physicians and surgeons are trained every year. Many open a practice here and provide health care services. You have many options. The goal of Boston Health Chiang Mai is to deliver these excellent options in a Western-style with professionals who are completely fluent in English. This includes all of the support staff and nurses. Everyone you interact with has been carefully chosen to represent the very best medical professionals in Chiang Mai.

Our surgeons are known for their excellent clinical results and compassionate care. It’s difficult if you’re not in the healthcare profession to choose the best Chiang Mai doctor. We help you do that. We select the very best and have confidence in all the doctors and surgeons that we recommend. If surgery is required, you’ll be treated at the best Chiang Mai hospital, chosen for that particular procedure. We also make sure that services are provided at the best possible cost combined with the highest possible quality.

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Primary Medical Clinic

A Primary Care Medical Clinic Covering Primary Care And More

Multi Specialty Clinic

From Beautifying Botox to Vitamin Infused IV Therapy, We Have It All!

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A polyclinic is a term not used very often in Western medicine. Another more recognizable term in medical centres is multi-speciality clinic. It simply means that many different specialists are covering all the common diseases and injuries. This means that we can provide the best medical doctor for your particular problem.

Why is it caused Boston health? The medical clinic near me is owned and managed by a Boston-based surgeon who is married to a Thai wife from Chiang Mai. Together, they want to provide the best possible care to residents of Chiang Mai, who are interested in Western-style medicine.

We are located directly across the street from Global House on the second ring. This is easily accessible because it’s on the main highway with excellent parking. Please see the attached map on our website.

Yes, we primarily operate a wellness medical center on an appointment basis, but we also can handle walk-in clinical services on an as-needed basis. It’s always a better use of your time if you can make an appointment, but we try our best to accommodate everyone.

Yes, Boston Health Polyclinic is an International Medical Clinic is owned and operated by a Boston surgeon, who has a home in Chiang Mai with his Thai wife. The advisory board, comprises, physicians, and surgeons from all over the world.

An appointment is not necessary, but it will be a better use of your time if you can make an appointment. This helps ensure minimal waits. We perform all lab tests, STD, testing, HIV, Covid tests, cholesterol, screening, and cancer detection tests. Pap smears and all tests related to women’s health are available.

We feel we can provide the best primary health care medical center and family medical clinic services in Chiang Mai because of our emphasis on the best holistic medicine, combined with the best specialist chosen for you based on your medical profile.

Yes, we have both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as well as Eastern medicine.

We are equipped to handle minor emergencies, such as small lacerations, insect bites, etc. but if you have chest pain, significant injury, etc. you are best served by going to your closest emergency room.

We will help you bill your insurance company and provide all the documentation necessary for you to do so. Services are paid at the time of service, but we make sure that you will have everything necessary to recover your costs from your insurance company.

There is an easy appointment link at the top of our homepage. You can also call our clinic at 052-082-888.

Local residents or expatriate communities in Chiang Mai might be able to recommend walk-in clinics or medical centers that offer routine check-ups.