Allergy Screening Test: Allergy Blood Test Services in Chiang Mai

Allergy means the reaction to any substance that has severe effects that are threatening to the human body. We call that substance an allergen. An effective method of reducing allergy symptoms requires knowing what triggers the allergy symptoms. There are many methods of testing for allergens, including the allergy skin test and the allergy IgE blood test.

Allergy blood tests are convenient and fast. We can also test for a variety of substances in a single blood draw. Boston Health offers a consultation service with a doctor before allergy blood testing in Chiang Mai so that the clients can choose the most appropriate option for their physical condition.

What is a blood allergy test?

An allergy blood test or IgE serum blood test is a test that finds the level of IgE specific to allergens. This can be found in many ways in one blood draw or a radioallergosorbent test (RAST). Normally, an allergen-specific IgE test begins by examining the client’s allergy history. and determines the possibility of choosing an allergy blood test for the IgE Lab Test. Boston Health offers complete testing and consulting services in one Location.

Chiang Mai’s Trusted Allergy Blood Tests Provider

Boston Health Polyclinic offers allergy blood testing in Chiang Mai to check for various issues. From an IgG food sensitivity test to a complete allergy profile test, many allergens are tested for by using an allergy lab test. We offer extremely affordable rates, with personnel and modern testing equipment. We will determine which serum-specific IGE test is required. We can always also use a blood test for allergic reactions.

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Exploring Allergies: Chiang Mai’s Expert Testing Options

An allergy blood test in Chiang Mai at Boston Health Polyclinic is the ideal way to check for and plan treatment if you suffer from allergic reactions. Allergy blood tests can be performed on all patients without limitations. Doctors can use allergy information to prepare allergy vaccines. However, you should consult a medical professional to receive advice on selecting the appropriate allergy lab test in Chiang Mai for you. We test for the following:

  • People who suspect they have food allergies such as eggs, nuts, milk, fish, etc.
  • People who have symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, asthma, or skin rashes.
  • People who suspect symptoms of allergic reaction to drugs such as Penicillin, etc.
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Chiang Mai’s Allergy Testing Expertise: Uncovering Triggers

The choice of allergy screening test varies between doctors and clients. It is important to talk with your doctor to choose the type of test. There are 2 main methods of testing for allergens as follows:

Allergy skin test

Skin testing is divided into 2 types, which have different conditions for selection. Each test method is

  • A skin prick test is a test for allergens by injecting the allergen under the skin. Then, look at the response to the allergen.
  • The skin patch test is a test for allergens by attaching a patch containing the allergen to the skin. Then, look for allergic reactions.

However, skin allergen testing has a chance of causing severe allergic reactions (Anaphylaxis), affecting 1 in 100,000 people. Therefore, a skin test must be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

Allergy Blood Tests

The allergy blood test is a test that looks for specific IgE in the client’s blood, which is safe and has a low risk of severe allergic reactions from exposure to allergens. There are also a variety of allergy testing blood test options available. The price will vary based on the number of tests. Boston Health Polyclinic offers allergy blood testing in Chiang Mai and counseling before and after you receive your allergy blood test results.

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Allergen Insight: Assessing Pollens, Foods, and Medications that Trigger Reactions

Allergy testing is a test that lets us know what substances we are allergic to. It’s very important to know which specific allergies you have so that you can avoid these allergens.

You can protect yourself from risks caused by these allergens by completing a simple allergy blood test in Chiang Mai. This results in better protection from allergic reactions than taking medicine alone.

However, if you want to get tested to see if you have a reaction to any stimulants or not, it is recommended that you get tested at a standardized clinic. We have a doctor for testing who will read the results and provide treatment. We strongly emphasize the safety of those taking a substance or food allergy blood test, and our allergy blood test accuracy assists in getting patients the best treatment possible moving forward.

Allergy Blood Test Services Available in Chiang Mai

Allergy testing at Boston Health Polyclinic involves the latest advances in science for allergy blood testing. You do not need to prepare for your allergy profile test in any specific manner.

It is a simple procedure for testing allergens from blood. We will take a blood draw from a vein of the client. Our nurses and doctors are very experienced in doing this, and it is painless. We then send it for testing in a blood collection tube. The tube of blood goes for a state-of-the-art allergy blood test in Chiang Mai. After receiving your allergy blood test results, make an appointment to discuss them in detail with the doctor within 5-7 days.

Allergy Screening Blood Test FAQs

Allergy blood tests can help detect allergies to foods, pets, pollen, or other irritating substances by checking your blood for increased levels of immunoglobulin E or IgE antibodies.

If you are entirely without symptoms, then, usually, you do not require testing. There are some exceptions to this, such as a family history of severe allergic reactions to an uncommon allergen.

Allergy blood test results can be ready within 3 days. In rare cases, it may take longer. This depends on which test and the amount of testing being performed. The clients will be advised on how long they’ll take during the appointment for the allergy blood test in Chiang Mai.

Each type of allergy blood test has different advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to consult our doctor to help choose the most appropriate test for the person who will receive the test. Boston Health Polyclinic is ready to provide a full complement of services, from an IgG food intolerance test to serum serum-specific IgE test.

At Boston Health, we have an allergy blood test program starting at 2,700 baht (including the doctor’s service fee). Contact us at 052-082-888 or other online channels.

Our clinic is located on the 2nd ring road opposite Global House, Tawangtan Sub-district, Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province. You can find our clinic with the words allergy blood test in Chiang Mai, allergy lab test in Chiang Mai, allergy screening test clinic, or allergy laboratory test center in Google Maps. We believe that Boston Health Polyclinic is the clinic you can trust for providing exceptional allergy blood test accuracy, leading to the most appropriate treatment. We are ready to serve you with a team of experts and modern tools and equipment.