Pre-Pregnancy Checkup for Couples: Comprehensive Fertility Testing in Chiang Mai

A pre-pregnancy checkup is important for couples who are planning to have children. For the baby to be born safely and with good physical health, it is important to have a complete physical exam and check for possible genetic diseases. Boston Health offers complete pre-pregnancy fertility testing and physical checkup services. This includes screening tests for genetic diseases that may be passed on to children.

Full Spectrum of Pre-pregnancy Blood Tests and Screening Procedures

Getting a health checkup before pregnancy is a way to screen for diseases that may be a risk for your baby. These include conditions such as thalassemia, diabetes, or G6PD deficiency. A pre-pregnancy check-up in Chiang Mai will also help evaluate the readiness of both the mother and father. Therefore, undergoing preconception health care is crucial, much like laying the foundation and planning for a healthy family. Fertility blood tests and fertility screening in Chiang Mai are the first steps in preparing for parenthood.

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The Importance of Having a Pre-pregnancy Checkup in Chiang Mai

Are you looking for a pre-pregnancy check-up in Chiang Mai? BHP offers a pre-pregnancy checkup and fertility assessment for couples who are planning to have children. We provide consultation and physical examination from a doctor and send standardized laboratory tests for diseases necessary for pregnancy planning. We provide health checks at affordable prices for those planning a family. Our Chiang Mai fertility testing clinic performs blood tests for blood types and infectious diseases that can affect pregnancy and delivery.

Knowing Before Preparation: The Benefits of Your Preconception Care with Our Thorough Pre-pregnancy Check-up for Couples

Getting a pre-pregnancy checkup before conceiving is essential for ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy for both the mother and unborn child. Some key advantages of preconception health care check-ups:

  1. Assessing preconception readiness: Preconception health checkups evaluate the individual’s overall readiness for conception. This includes physical examination, blood tests to check for compatibility, and screening for conditions that may affect pregnancy.
  2. Fertility blood tests before conception: These tests can help prevent and manage infectious diseases and genetic conditions such as Thalassemia.
  3. Preparing physical health: Prior to conception, it is important to ensure that the mother is physically prepared for pregnancy. This may involve lifestyle changes, diet improvements, and overall well-being.
  4. Preventing complications: A pre-pregnancy check-up in Chiang Mai can help identify and address any underlying health issues that could lead to complications during pregnancy.

Here is a list of the health checks that should be conducted before having a child

  1. General Physical Examination: A comprehensive physical examination by a family doctor.
  2. Blood Group ABO Testing: To determine the ABO blood group.
  3. Blood Group Rh Testing: To determine the Rh blood group (positive or negative)
  4. Complete Blood Count(CBC): A blood test to assess the levels of various blood components.
  5. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen(Hbs Ag): To check for hepatitis B infection.
  6. Anti-Hepatitis B surface Antibodies(Anti-Hbs): To determine the immunity to hepatitis B.
  7. Hemoglobin Typing or Thalassemia Screening: To assess the risk of genetic conditions like thalassemia.
  8. HIV Testing: To check for HIV infection.
  9. VDRL Testing: Ro screen for syphilis infection.
  10. Rubella IgG Testing: To check for immunity to German measles(rubella).
  11. Urine Analysis (UA): A test to assess the condition of urine and detect any potential issues.
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Schedule Fertility Tests For Females and Males at Our Chiang Mai Fertility Testing Clinic Today!

If you are concerned about physical and mental health before conception, you are able to receive services at BHP to assist. We are ready to serve you with a team of doctors who have the knowledge and ability to provide you with complete preconception care and treatment. You can contact our Chiang Mai fertility testing clinic for information or make an appointment via phone number 052-082-888.

Pre-Pregnancy Checkup for Couples FAQs

Pre-pregnancy checkups and fertility screening in Chiang Mai for men and women are different. In particular, the physical examination for men will focus on checking for sexually transmitted diseases and genetic testing that can be passed on to children. For women ready to have children, it is a vaginal examination and uterine examination before pregnancy to find diseases that can affect pregnancy. This includes blood tests before having children that must be done for both men and women.

Boston Health Polyclinic offers inexpensive preparatory examinations before pregnancy at an inexpensive fee suitable for both men and women. You can contact us via phone number 052-082-888 or via the Boston Health Polyclinic page.

The cost of a pre-pregnancy check-up for a couple can differ between women and men due to the more detailed examinations required for women. This is because women’s preconception care often involves internal examinations, including uterine assessments. In our Chiang Mai fertility testing clinic, the pre-pregnancy checkup for women starts at 6,000 bahts, while the pre-pregnancy checkup for men starts at 5,000 bahts. BHP, we are ready to be the clinic for a pre-pregnancy check-up for a couple who desire to start a family. If you are interested, you can contact us via phone number 052-082-888 or via the Boston Health Polyclinic page.

The decision to have a child should ideally involve consulting with a doctor, and it is recommended to begin this consultation about 3-6 months before planning to conceive. This will help ensure that you are adequately prepared for healthy pregnancy. If you are interested, you can contact us via phone number 052-082-888 or via the Boston Health Polyclinic page.

You can have a discussion with our doctor first to ensure that the pre-pregnancy program is complete and best for you as a couple. The preconception test for female patients has more details about the PV exam discussion with the doctor. It will be beneficial to the pre-pregnancy test.