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Boost energy, revitalise your immune system, and rehydrate at our vitamin IV clinic Chiang Mai expat and Thai community alike trust due to our considerate and meaningful approach to health care.

An intravenous vitamin infusion drip is an excellent way to augment the body’s natural defences. We all lead a busy lifestyle, and sometimes our nutrition may not be optimal for our overall health. Professionally done at our IV infusion Chiang Mai Clinic, we can help to maintain your optimal health.

Vitamin Drip Services at Affordable Costs

Optimal Wellness Awaits: Delve into our Medical IV and Vitamin Drip Services at Affordable Costs

Affordable IV Vitamin therapy is provided at Boston Health. We are aware that the vitamin infusion cost has to be reasonable. We know it’s important to have the highest quality possible in the ingredients, and combined this with low cost. We want the best for you.

Vitamin IV


2,400 THB Per Treatment/
Boosts Energy: B-vitamins help improve energy production in cells to combat fatigue.
Supports Immunity: Reinforces immune cell function to fight illness.
Mental Function: B-vitamins aid cellular metabolism to sharpen focus, mood, and clarity.
Assists Detoxification: Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps the liver eliminate toxins.
Reduces Stress: Magnesium and B-vitamins replenish nutrients depleted by stress.
Promotes Wellness: Combination of nutrients enhances health, vitality and wellbeing.
Vitamin IV


2,200 THB Per Treatment
Detoxification Power: Potent antioxidants enhance natural liver detoxification pathways.
Toxin Clearing: Toxin neutralisation & clearance capabilities through nutrient support.
Liver Function Optimisation: Nutrients to aid enzymatic processes & liver performance.
Oxidative Stress Reduction: Antioxidants counterbalance cell damage inflicted by toxins.
Energy Restoration: Helps replenish cellular energy generation impaired by toxins.
Overall Wellbeing Improvement: Restores vitality and function diminished from toxins.
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Experience Comprehensive Wellness with Our Diverse IV Drip Infusion Therapies Chiang Mai Experts

Our bodies are as healthy as the nutrients we give them to build with. A multivitamin drip can make a difference in our overall wellness, by maximising the ability of our body’s ability to heal itself.

Why not explore the options our intravenous drip therapists in Saraphi District, Chiang Mai, have on offer?

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Dr. Ploy

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Discover Wellness At Our Western-Style International Medical Clinic

Unlock Vibrant Health: Explore Our Range of Vitamin Infusion Drip Treatments and IV Treatment Clinic Services

We recommend one of four different formulas, and the medical doctor at our clinic will help you choose which one is best for you:

Immune Booster IV Vitamins (Myers Cocktail)

Immune Booster is similar to a Myers cocktail but modified for increased safety. It contains vitamin C and multiple vitamin B complexes. It also contains NSS. It supports the immune system with antioxidant properties and helps protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. This may also help with the production function of white blood cells, very important for the immune response.

Energy Booster IV Treatment

Energy Booster is optimized for assistance with energy production and an overall sense of well-being. It contains higher dosages of vitamin B complexes and NSS which helps convert food into energy and the production of red blood cells carry oxygen this overall production of oxygen carrying passively can give an increased sense of energy.

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Aura Skin Bright Anti-Ageing IV Drip Therapy

Aura Skin Bright is our ananti-agingulti vitamin drip that helps increase the creation of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that protects us from damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. These harmful molecules damage DNA and other parts of the body which contribute to the ageing process. This multivitamin drip can help us fight the agagingrocess and optimise, healthy longevity, not just a longer lifespan.

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Brain Booster Intravenous Drip

Brain Booster helps to improve neurotransmitter synthesis and regulation. They may help you achieve a healthier nervous system, and at the same time, improve your mood, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Intravenous IV Therapy Clinic

Transform Your Health: Discover the Benefits of Intravenous IV Therapy Clinic

Chiang Mai IV therapy can be an important part of your holistic wellness program. It should be considered as one part of a multifaceted approach to excellent health.

Vitamin drip, so deliver directly into the bloodstream, avoiding any possible absorption problems along the G.I. tract. This way, we know that your vitamins are completely absorbed into the body without any concerns of how much actually reaches your bloodstream.

By delivering the vitamins, directly into the bloodstream, we also know the exact dosage that you were receiving of those same vitamins and nutrients.

These vitamins can help boost your immune system, as well as increase your energy and your sense of well-being.

Enhancing Well-being with our Intravenous Drip Infusion and Vitamin IV Drip Therapies

If you are in average health, then we think that you can make it better. If you’re in poor health or have medical problems, it’s even more important to have augmented nutrition.

Boston Health Polyclinic: Your Destination for Personalised IV Infusion Treatments and IV Nutrition Therapy

Boston Health wants you to be the best version of yourself. Remember, your body builds itself out of the nutrition and building blocks that you provide to it.

  • Vitamins are essential for cellular metabolism, and creation of energy.
  • The fast food diets consumed today, as well as restaurant foods, are often devoid of the nutrients that we would like to be getting.
  • We would not want to build our house out of poor materials, and we should have the same focus on quality when building our bodies.

Revitalise Your Body and Mind: With our Immune Booster, similar to Myers Cocktail IV Therapy. You Will Love our Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Services

Myers cocktail named after a physician from the 1960s. His name was Dr. John Myers and he developed a formula drip IV therapy which is often called Myers cocktail. This IV therapy treatment usually contains some combination of the following nutrients.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that supports the immune system and can also have some anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Vitamin B combinations with B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. These are also known as thiamine, riboflavin, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and methylcobalamin. These vitamins, which components are essential for metabolism, energy production, and contribute to your general health and well-being. One of the most common uses is to boost overall energy levels. It is in most IVS treatments.

All of these can be delivered in a very efficient way with intravenous iv drip therapy. What is the vitamin IV drip cost? This depends on exactly which formulation is used for you. Refill that this intravenous vitamin drip is one of the best ones available.

Be sure to discuss the benefits, risks, and contraindications of IV treatment and any other treatment used for your health. Dearly, it should be part of a general wellness program that incorporates traditional Western medicine and complementary holistic medicine.

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Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Services Like Myers Cocktail IV Treatment in Chiang Mai

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We provide the highest possible quality intravenous strips at a reasonable cost. The prices start at ฿900 and progress, depending on the formula chosen. Our Aura Bright Skin costs ฿1200. These are all given by intravenous drip infusion or infusion to get exactly the correct dosage.

Please see the attached link for all our costs.

IV. Vitamin therapy can be a very good addition to your overall health prop program. You should not rely on drip IV infusion therapy alone to get proper nutrition, but it can certainly help you towards your goal. The vitamin IV infusion cost is relatively small compared to expensive medication or health problems requiring interventions. Vitamin infusion therapy can be a core part of achieving maximum wellness.

What are the benefits of IV drip infusion therapy you know that you are absorbing 100% of the vitamins infused into your body. Taking vitamins by mouth depends on absorption in the intestine, which may or may not be effective depending on your health status. Vitamin IV treatments we consider to be more effective than oral vitamins, because of knowing the exact dosage delivery. This is why we swim Susie Astec boat, IV, vitamin infusion therapy. The IV-infused vitamins do not cost nearly as much as neglected health requiring expensive medications and treatments.

There is a lot of discussion amongst health professionals about how often you should get an IV vitamin infusion. Depending on your other health concerns, and your overall well-being, it’s reasonable to consider an IV vitamin infusion near me once every 1-2 weeks. If you’re exceptionally active or your body is under stress then IV therapy should be considered. This could be a healthy stress, such as a vigorous exercise program or training, or it can help with harmful stress from outside, stressful situations. IV treatment helps ensure that you’re getting the optimal amount of nutrients and vitamins that you need.

Proper nutrition to be achieved in many different ways. Our different vitamin therapies can last for shorter or longer periods, depending on which one you choose. Also, if you are vitamin deficient, the beneficial effects may last longer. It’s very difficult to put a time frame with a number because it depends highly on your stress levels and overall health.

You do have to have an IV infusion drip started by our nurse in our Chiang Mai IV treatment Clinic. Probably the biggest disadvantage is simply having to have the IV started in the first place so you can have the medication delivered. After that, there are very few disadvantages to having a drip IV infusion.

The biggest advantage of intravenous infusion drips is simply that you know exactly the amount of medication that you’re getting and the quality of that medication. Taking vitamins orally can have different rates of absorption in different people, but when given as a drip IV therapy, we know precisely the amount of vitamins and nutrients you are receiving. We believe that infusion drips can opoptimizehe level of nutrients in your body.