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An orthopedic surgeon treats disorders of the bone and joint systems.

Two of the most common orthopedic areas are the shoulder and knee. These are just two examples. orthopedics deals with all of the joints, as well as muscle and tendon problems, such as tendinitis and sprained ankles.

All patients want to keep their joints and muscles in excellent condition. Flexibility is also a core issue for people as they get older.

Boston Health, therefore, places importance on taking care of your health early. We have a team of doctors and multidisciplinary professionals at our orthopedic center in Chiang Mai to provide treatment and advice that is appropriate for each person. This helps to prevent and reduce the risk of bone and joint problems in the future.

The owner of the clinic is an orthopedic surgeon (ortho surgeon) from Boston. We use Boston protocols for orthopedic care. Our physical therapist is trained in these protocols and uses them to decrease pain, increase function, and optimize athletic performance.

Bringing You The Best Local Orthopedic Surgeon In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Visit our Orthopedic Clinic In Saraphi.

Dr. Chanakarn Phornphutkul, Orthopedic Professor

Dr. Chanakarn Phornphutkul

Orthopedic Professor

He is the chief of the sports medicine and arthroscopy unit, highly specialised in knee, shoulder, and other joints. He performs a complete line from repair to reconstruction and replacement. He has a special interest in knee ligament reconstruction and shoulder tissue repair using arthroscopic surgery. He is also on the trauma team, serving patients who suffer from fractures. During his career, he served as:

  • President of APKASS

    Asia Pacific Knee Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine Society 2020-2022

  • President of ASSA

    Asean Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy 2015–2016

  • President of TOSSM

    Thai Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine 2020–2022

  • President of TOTS

    Thai Orthopaedic Trauma Society 2022-2024

  • AO Trauma Thailand Chairperson


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The Top Orthopedic Clinic in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai orthopedic doctors will perform a thorough physical examination of those receiving orthopedic treatment. You may then receive either an X-ray, an MRI, or other tests, depending on your requirements. Our orthopaedic surgical consultants in Chiang Mai will arrange all this for you and do so at a discount to save you money.

Conservative orthopedic therapy would consist of Cortizone injection, medication, Physical Therapy, or other modalities to improve your situation. All of these are available at our clinic.

We consider ourselves the premier orthopedic clinic because of the diverse services available, including traditional Chinese medicine and a full-time physical therapist.

When you require an orthopedic center in Chiang Mai, Boston Health Polyclinic should be your first port of call.

Sports Orthopedic Care: Helping Athletes Bounce Back

The owner and manager is a sports medicine specialist in Boston, USA. He has been treating professional athletes and celebrities for his entire career.

By establishing the protocols for orthopedic treatment, we help get athletes back to their sport. We do this as quickly as possible without further injury at risk. It should be noted that all of your treatments and all of your care are provided by licensed Thai doctors and specialists.

Orthopedic therapy is a core component of getting excellent results with sports injuries. We have a fully trained and licensed physical therapist on our staff full-time.

Chiang Mai Orthopedic Clinic: Trusted by Locals and International Patients Alike

Trust is very important in orthopedic care. We want you to feel completely comfortable that you are being treated by specialist Chiang Mai orthopedic doctors who put your health as their number one priority. You want to see an orthopedic physician who cares about your mobility and function.

Pain control is also very important to someone who is injured. We do this with various modalities, including medication, physical therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine.

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Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Procedures & Surgeries

Knee Arthroscopy: Peering Inside the Knee with Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques

The owner of this orthopedic clinic in Chiang Mai has performed over 15,000 arthroscopies of the knee and shoulder. This has allowed him to choose the very best Thai orthopaedic surgical consultants in Chiang Mai to provide services.

He has also taught courses at Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen University. This has helped him to meet many orthopedic surgeons in Thailand.

Orthopedic surgery in Chiang Mai is performed at an extremely high level. Each orthopedic doctor is very well trained, knowledgeable, and technically of the highest quality. Combined with compassion, and doctors are completely fluent in English, you can feel very comfortable with your care here.

There is no reason to leave Thailand to find an orthopedic specialist with excellent orthopedic care available here in the city.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Rebuilding the Crucial Ligament and Restoring Stability to Injured Knees

When you tear your cruciate ligament, your knee becomes unstable. This is a common injury in athletes and, unfortunately, particularly common in women. It is usually the result of a noncontact pivoting injury to the knee.

It can also occur in sports that require jumping, such as basketball, when the athlete jumps up and then lands awkwardly, particularly if the knee is not flexed.

It can often go undiagnosed in the early stages, but eventually, the patient starts to notice instability of the knee when performing pivoting in sports or even going up and down stairs.

The work of an orthopedic surgeon has come a long way since the early days. It is now done completely arthroscopically through very small incisions. The outcomes are more than 90% excellent.

There are many clinics in orthopedic surgery. We want you to know that our Chiang Mai orthopedic clinic is staffed only by licensed physicians who are extremely capable and confident. If you have been searching the internet for an “orthopedic clinic near me”, then you should consider coming to Boston Health Polyclinic to see an expert orthopedic physician.

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Delving Deep Without the Incision for Modern Shoulder Assessment and Repair

Shoulder arthroscopy of the shoulder was developed after knee arthroscopy. Many specialized instruments have been developed to make shoulder surgery easier.

The shoulder is a complex joint that depends on ligaments and muscles to maintain stability. It is surrounded by the muscles of the rotator cuff that are frequently injured. Damage over the years can also cause osteoarthritis in the joint. The patient starts to lose range of motion and function. This is also accompanied by pain

The owner of Boston Health Polyclinic performs shoulder arthroscopy in Boston, Massachusetts. However, we have Thai orthopedic surgeons from Chiang Mai here in our clinic. No need to travel for your care. You can have shoulder arthroscopy here in Chiang Mai, performed at the same level as Boston, at a fraction of the cost.

We have orthopaedic surgical consultants in Chiang Mai here at our clinic and are available to help you.

All of the patients in our orthopaedic clinic are treated by Thai orthopedic surgeons chosen by Dr. Ackland.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Embracing New Beginnings by Replacing Worn-Out Shoulders for Renewed Mobility

There are two common indications for shoulder replacement surgery.

The first is when arthritis of the shoulder, osteoarthritis, has become severe. Shoulder replacement surgery is done to replace the joint to improve function and decrease pain.

The second common indication is a very large and unrepairable tear of the rotator cuff. A specialized shoulder replacement, called reverse total shoulder, is performed, which allows the shoulder to improve function, even with a complete tear of the rotator cuff.

Surgery with total shoulder replacement is very gratifying. Our orthopedic doctor is fully trained in total shoulder replacement.

Joint Fusion: Creating a Unified Front by Solidifying Joints for Enhanced Functionality

Joint fusion is when the joint itself is removed, and then bone grafted to fuse the two bones together. Obviously, after a fusion, there is no motion possible at the joint. The goal is to have a pain-free area that no longer hurts.

Joint fusion is rarely performed in orthopedics. It used to be a very common procedure, but as expertise in replacement has increased, we are usually able to avoid a fusion of a joint.

The indication for a joint fusion is when replacement does not function very well. An example of this would be an ankle fusion. Knee and shoulder joint replacement gets excellent results, so fusion is rarely performed in joints like the knee, shoulder, and hip.

Knee Replacement Surgery: Step Forward with Confidence using Advanced Prosthetics for Degenerated Knees

Knee replacement surgery is the end-stage treatment when all else fails.

Conservative treatments, such as a Cortizone injection of the knee, arthroscopy, and other modalities, are usually tried first. Unfortunately, the knee will often develop significant osteoarthritis, and a knee joint replacement is required.

When your knee joint is not functioning properly, you have problems with mobility and problems with pain. It interferes with your activities of daily living and makes every step painful.

Fortunately, an ortho surgeon can complete total knee replacement and get excellent results. You will be in the hospital for a few days and then start an extensive rehabilitation program to rebuild your range of motion and strength.

Orthopedic Trauma Care: Providing Immediate Care for the Unexpected and Tackling Severe Orthopedic Injuries Head-On

Unfortunately, orthopedic trauma is all too common. Motorcycles, sports, and any activity that can result in forces being applied to the body that are detrimental are called trauma. Car accidents provide one of the most common mechanisms of significant orthopedic injuries.

Motorcycles are so common in Chiang Mai that they inevitably also injure many people with trauma.

Fortunately, the city has many orthopedic surgeons highly trained in delivering orthopedic services for trauma patients. If you are looking for an orthopedic in Chiang Mai, we have some of the best working at our clinic

Ankle Repair: Getting You Back on Your Feet with Expert Techniques for Restoring Ankle Strength and Flexibility

The ankle joint is one of the most common joints affected by instability. A significant sprain of the ankle results in injuries to the ankle ligaments. Sprains are graded as grade 1, 2, or 3, depending on the amount of damage to the ligaments and the amount of instability. These can be initially treated by a primary care physician and physical therapist.

These can occasionally require the service of an orthopedic surgeon doctor. Surgery is not usually required for ankle repair, but if the instability is severe and persists, you might need surgery.

The ankle can also be broken from trauma. Not all ankle fractures need surgery, but many do. If the ankle fracture is unstable and cannot be held in a cast, this is the most common indication for an orthopedic surgeon to be consulted.

Some ankle fractures can simply be cast as long as the fracture is not too severe.

Hip Replacement Surgery: Rediscover the Joy of Movement with Modern Solutions for Ageing Hip Joints

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most gratifying operations that an orthopedic surgeon can perform. When severe arthritis is present in the hip, all mobility is affected. Patients can even have trouble putting on their socks.

Hip replacement surgery has excellent results. It has more than 95% good to excellent outcomes. A metal component is placed in the femur, and the cup of the hip joint is also replaced. This is called a ball and socket joint.

Although some physical therapy is required, patients usually respond very quickly.

The surgery is performed in a hospital, and you usually stay in the hospital overnight for a few days until you become more mobile and your pain is controlled.

Orthopedic Consultation in Chiang Mai

Meet Our Orthopedic Doctors: Specialists in Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery

All of our orthopaedic surgical consultants in Chiang Mai are Thai doctors who are fully qualified and fellowship-trained in the specialty of orthopedic surgery. They have privileges at all the major hospitals in the city, so you have choices of where you can go if you require surgery.

Your initial consultation will be performed at Boston Health Polyclinic, where you will receive conservative orthopedic treatments first. Depending on your outcome, you may have to go to a hospital if you require surgery. This will all be arranged for you.

Initially, we would like to treat you with conservative measures, such as physical therapy, medication, exercise, and other modalities to avoid surgery. Most patients can be rehabilitated without a surgical intervention. If orthopedic surgery is required, we have excellent orthopedic surgeons.

We do not have a Chiang Mai orthopedic hospital that specializes only in orthopedics. However, we do have excellent hospitals in our network with highly professional orthopedic surgeons.

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Consult with Our Chiang Mai Orthopedic Specialist Today

It is best if you get treatment for any problems you have that are orthopedic in Chiang Mai in the early stages. Conservative measures can be used, and we can often avoid surgery completely.

You can receive an orthopedic consultation at BHP during operational hours, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, from Monday to Saturday. Our orthopedic center in Chiang Mai is equipped with a team of medical experts and multidisciplinary professionals.

We can also provide sports performance, advice, and treatment if you’re not performing at the level in sports that you think you should be capable of. A sports orthopedic expert can help.

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Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

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Our clinic is located not far from the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai city center. You can come and see us on 2nd Ring Road, opposite Global House, Tawangtan Subdistrict, Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province. or you can also call our clinic at 052-082-888. to learn more about orthopedic treatments.

We also offer a wide range of services to help you maintain your health and well-being. From prevention to treatment, we have the expertise and experience to provide effective care.

Orthopedic Clinic Chiang Mai FAQs

Arthroscopy has been one of the great advancements in orthopedic surgery. Previously, a large incision had to be made to access the joint, and this required a prolonged recovery. Now, the incision is extremely small, and yet the view and access are even better than through a large incision.

Faster recovery, smaller scars, less pain, and minimal hospital stay are all advantages of a knee arthroscopy.

Your recovery from a total joint replacement can be faster than you think. Usually, you are in hospital for two or three days, and then physical therapy for a few weeks.

Knee or shoulder replacement surgery usually involves a longer recovery than a total hip replacement. The physical therapy for the knee is more intensive and over a prolonged period of time. We can help you with that with our in-house physical therapist, who works full-time at our orthopedic clinic in Chiang Mai.

For that, you may need therapy for 2 to 4 weeks. For the knee, it is not unusual to take twice as long for your therapy.

Patients highly value our conservative approach when it comes to orthopedic medicine and surgery. Every modality should be tried first to avoid surgery if at all possible. These non-surgical alternatives include a Cortizone injection, medication, physical therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine.

All surgery carries some risks. The risks are both for anesthesia, as well as surgical risks related to the procedure. We take all these risks very seriously. Obviously, it’s better if you can avoid orthopedic surgery. If, however, you do require it, then we will help you get an optimal result.

Trauma is best avoided in the first place. This means driving motor vehicles responsibly, not drinking and driving, and not speeding.

If we could get people to use common sense and responsibility, this would significantly cut down the number of clinics in orthopedic surgery.

In our clinic, the best way to achieve safety and success is to make sure that all care is provided at international standards by licensed Thai professionals.

All patients are seen and assessed at our clinic with a complete history and physical. Appropriate tests are then ordered to help determine the nature of the problem.

You will then discuss with your orthopedic doctor the various options available. Often, this will start with conservative orthopedic treatment.

If surgery is required, we can usually arrange this within one to two weeks.