STD Test Chiang Mai: Safe STI and STD Testing Clinic in Chiang Mai

Here at Boston Health polyclinic, we follow the CDC (center for disease control) guidelines for screening for STDs. These guidelines have been carefully thought out and take into account risk factors, age, sex, gender expression, and other risk factors.

Male-to-male sex, particularly with multiple partners, with or without condom use is a high-risk group. Other high-risk groups include either providers or receivers of transactional sex, young age, multiple partners, whether heterosexual or homosexual, and a history of incarceration.

Depending on your risk factors, you may need STD screening every 3 to 6 months. In the regular population screening should be done once a year depending on your age, etc..

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are still two of the most common STD diseases prevalent throughout the world. These are two of the tests that we have to perform the most. Chronic untreated, infection can result in chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and other serious medical problems.

HPV, cervical cancer, and anal cancer should generally be screened for every three years. Biological women who express male gender should be assessed as to whether or not they still have a cervix. If they do, they still need cervical screening.

Hepatitis A, B, and C can be considered as STDs and the assessment of risk factors depends on travel activity, history of IV drug use, shared needles, occupational exposure, and partners who potentially have hepatitis C. There are also less common risk factors.

These are just a few of the CDC guidelines. There are more guidelines for diseases, such as syphilis, trichomonas, HIV, and others. The best testing for you has to be tailored to your situation.

STD testing should be both reliable and fast. You want to see the best STD doctor that provides an STD testing service that you can trust. Any test for sexually transmitted diseases has to be accurate, and disease-specific, and you want the results quickly.

Anonymous sexual partners that have been met over the Internet have become a modern risk factor for STDs.

Sexual health testing can be stressful if you don’t know where to find the best STD testing in Chiang Mai. Having an STD disease is difficult enough, but if you come to our STD clinic, you will be treated with understanding and compassion.

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More About Boston Sexual Health Clinic

Affordable Sexual Diseases Test: Know the Price & Costs

It is important to know the STD test cost, but always remember the cost of not testing and not being treated.

An STD blood test starts at the least expensive price for hepatitis B at 500 Baht and rises in small increments with each specific blood test for syphilis, hepatitis C, HIV, and hepatitis A in that order. Tests can be ordered individually or as a panel which does save some money.

How much does STI testing cost? It depends on if you want a single individual test or a group of tests.

Chiang Mai STD testing is done using the latest technology with the same as Western standards. If you requested an STD checkup, then the STD testing cost will be slightly higher based on just how complete a set of tests you want. It’s an excellent idea for a sexually active person to have STD screening, including an STD blood test and an STD urinalysis.

Of course, STD prevention is always the best possibility with practising safe sex.

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Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

STD Clinic near me Boston health

Chiang Mai STD Clinic Excellence:

If you want to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, then you want to go to a clinic that practices the highest possible standards. It’s not just taking an excellent history, it’s doing so with compassion and confidentiality.

If you want an STD test in Chiang Mai, please come to the clinic that practices High-quality medicine and get tested. The clinic owner and manager is a Boston-based surgeon who has brought a Western style of medical practice management to Chiang Mai.

Expert STD Doctors and Modern STD Testing Center Near You

We know you’re looking for an STD test near you. We are conveniently located on the second ring road across from Global House. The STD blood test cost is minimal compared to the cost of not being treated appropriately.

Do you want an expert STD doctor, to perform that with an STD test cost that is reasonable, and performed professionally? A key part of dealing with your tartar is the ability to be comfortable and confident in their English, speaking capabilities.

We employ all bilingual staff who are fluent in both English and Thai Language.

Chiang Mai’s Top Clinic for Venereal Disease Screening

People often ask what’s the difference between STD screening and STD testing.

Essentially, if you have concerns about exposure or have high-risk activities with no symptoms, it is logical to have a screening to make sure that you do not have an infection. Even if you have no symptoms at all.

If you have symptoms, then we can try and choose the best test that correlates well with the symptoms that you have. We also take into account your personal sexual history, as well as underlying medical disorders, such as immuno-suppression to make sure that we order the appropriate tests. It’s very important to be completely honest with your doctor when you’re discussing your history so that you will get an accurate assessment of which test should be ordered.

Essentially, screening is for asymptomatic individuals vs. testing for people who are suspicious that they have a particular infection. It’s a small and subtle difference. Screening is essentially a part of well-being check-up, and testing thought of as being for people who are symptomatic.

We think that we are the Chiang Mai Top clinic for STD testing. We work hard to maintain our high standards of care and ensure that the STD/STI testing can be something you trust. Excellent care with the best STD doctors, a clinic you can trust.

Safe Sexual Health Testing in Chiang Mai:

Nobody likes to think about sexual health until they actually have a problem. Of course, this is a mistake. You should always practice safe sex. If you do have symptoms, you need an STD blood test or STD urinalysis.

Chiang Mai is no different than many other countries. The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is unfortunately difficult to know exactly. Many people are hesitant to get appropriate tests and treatment, and statistics are also influenced by people who come to Thailand, possibly contract, an STD, and go back to their home country for investigation and treatment.

Certainly, some activities, are much riskier than others. Multiple partners and poor choice of partners from high-risk groups contribute to risk. These can increase the chance of becoming infected. We’re not here to judge, just make the observation that sexual precautions should be taken with every interaction with a new partner.

We practice highly confidential STD testing in our clinic and strictly enforce our confidentiality policies. We also provide STD education to you and teach you about STD prevention and treatment. You are an informed participant in your STD care.

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Quick STI and STD Testing Clinic in Chiang Mai

Understanding STD: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

STD symptoms can vary widely depending on which STD you have. Obviously, the signs and symptoms of gonorrhoea are very different from HIV which is very different from syphilis. Probably the most important thing to know is that you can have an STD with no symptoms at all. This can be the most dangerous because if you’re very symptomatic, then you know that you have to have it investigated and treated. If the disease is silent, then it can progress and cause serious problems and even death because it’s left untreated.

In the past, the classic example would be syphilis, because the symptoms such as a painless sore could be very mild and ignored. The disease then progresses silently, and in the end in the case of some pretty famous people in the past [Al Capone] it could cause serious neurological symptoms, permanent problems, and death. This is why STD tests and STD screening can be important even if you’re minimally symptomatic.

The initial symptoms have nothing to do with how serious the disease can potentially be. This is very important to understand. Some of the worst diseases can start out with the mildest symptoms. HIV is quite silent in the initial stages. A health check-up for STDs with appropriate sexual health testing and then treatment will eradicate most sexually transmitted diseases. This starts with either an STD blood test or an STD urinalysis depending on your presentation.

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Stay Informed: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

If you’re sexually active, then you should stay informed about sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Treatment options change, and how we test for STD can evolve over time. STD treatment is usually highly effective especially if started early. This is why we strongly suggest safe sex, and STD screening and regular checkups, particularly if you frequently have different partners.

STD screening is essential if you have any genital urinary symptoms and are sexually active. Sexual health screening, and being informed, along with safe, sex, is your first line of defence.

We strongly believe that your sexual health is strongly connected with your knowledge base. The more you know, the more you use this knowledge to stay healthy. This is more important than anything that a doctor can do for you. It’s an old adage, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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STI Testing With Customer Convenience

Accessible Location: Chiang Mai STD Clinic Near Me

You can get your STD screening at our health clinic located across the street from the Global House on the second ring. We have appointments available and can handle walk-ins if necessary. It’s better if you make an appointment because this can result in minimal, if any waiting. We pride ourselves on prompt service with quick results.

A key part of having an accessible location means being located on a major highway. That is very easy to get to. We are directly on the second ring. This is one of the easiest roads to commute on.

Parking in Chiang Mai can be challenging, which is why we have our own dedicated parking lot with 25 parking spaces which easily accommodates all our patients. Directly adjacent to our parking lot is another parking lot with over 100 parking spaces available for our use. All are free of charge. This makes it very easy to provide sexual health services at a convenient location.

Get Tested Now: Easy Booking for STD Checks and Screenings

Book your appointment today! There’s a tab at the top of our homepage to book an appointment, and you’ll be seen promptly and efficiently. You can get your STD checkup and results the same day.

Hopefully, everything will test negative, but if your STD test is positive, then you’ll get state-of-the-art STD treatment immediately from our STD doctor. The STD testing price is quite reasonable because we feel that STD treatment is essential to stop the spread of STIs.

Affordable Sexual Diseases Test in Chiang mai

STD Testing Cost: Price List and Low-Cost Options Available

How much does STD testing cost? Low-cost STD testing is an important part of community health. We try to keep our prices as low as possible so there’s no barrier to treatment. Blood STD test starts at ฿500 for hepatitis B, and the most expensive blood test is hepatitis A at 935 Baht. This reflects our cost of doing the tests.

Urinalysis for the most common STD diseases is a little more expensive but we screen for all the commonest STD diseases.

A quick test at a cost that is reasonable is a core element of your STD health.

Full STD Test: Comprehensive Sexual Health Test Packages

Disease symptoms can vary even within a specific disease, and it can be very difficult to make a diagnosis based on signs and symptoms. This means that STD screening should be done with an STD test panel. This simply means we test for a group of the commonest diseases, with the commonest panel for urinalysis: Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia, Candida, Gardnerella vaginalis, Group B Strep, Herpes Simplex, Syphilis, and Hemophilus Ducreyl. This complete STD screening will cost ฿5800.

We realise this STD cost is not small. But an STD infection left untreated, or incorrectly diagnosed, would be a serious mistake.

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Cheap STD Testing

Cheap STD Testing: Budget-Friendly and Quick STD Test Options

Our budget-friendly STD testing is part of your STD check-up and complete wellness check-up. We realize you want a quick STD test ad and an economical STD screening price.

We will do everything we can to make sure that every test you receive is absolutely necessary. We will work with you to make sure that your healthcare dollar is spent efficiently, and our STD test price will always be as fair as possible

STD Lab Testing: Accurate and Confidential Results

Because we perform modern STD testing combined with the best STD doctor available, you will get an accurate and confidential STD test result.

Compassion and confidentiality are essential to our practice. We do not judge people, and only want your sexual health to be the best it can be.

STD Lab Testing: Accurate and Confidential Results

Prioritise Your Sexual Health! Book Your STD Test in Chiang Mai Now!

You’ve done a lot of reading about this. We realise you’re hesitant, but it’s time to book your appointment now with our confidential STD doctor to make sure that your sexual health screening is complete.


STD test cost in CHIANGMAI depends on which tests are done. Please see the link to our complete STD testing.

Go to our homepage and book an appointment today.

Turnaround results depend on which test is performed. Simple STD blood tests can be available the same day, but an STD urinalysis test can take several days.

BHP has an expert doctor available now to conduct your STD/STI test today. Your STD treatment will start immediately depending on your signs symptoms and lab results.

This can be a confusing topic, and sometimes there is no consensus among doctors from various countries on the difference between an STD and an STI.

STD is a short form of sexually transmitted disease. STI is a short form of sexually transmitted infection.

Taken literally, STI means the infection, and the STI may or may not have caused disease symptoms yet. Once the infection has enough time, then the disease process can start. Many doctors use the terms STD and STI interchangeably. For practical purposes, this is very reasonable.