NAD+ Therapy in Chiang Mai: Rejuvenate With Boston NAD Plus Treatment Clinic

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) therapy has taken wellness circles by storm for its astounding regenerative and anti-aging effects. Offering this cutting-edge treatment, Boston NAD+ IV Clinic brings the powerful health benefits of NAD+ to clients in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their experienced practitioners provide customized NAD vitamin drips and NAD IV therapy protocols to help you look and feel your best.

NAD plus or 'nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide' treatment Chiang Mai

What is NAD+ and How Does it Work?

NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all living cells that supports vital biological functions. As we get older, NAD+ levels naturally decline, leaving cells deprived of this essential compound. NAD+ therapy aims to restore NAD+ to more youthful, optimal levels.

During a session, you receive an injection or NAD drip containing a high dose of NAD+. This stimulates your cells to “recharge” themselves, activating regeneration, repair and rejuvenation mechanisms. Imagine billions of your body’s cells simultaneously receiving the fuel they need to function at their healthiest!

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Nad Plus Unparalleled Regenerative Benefits

With consistent NAD+ infusions, patients report sensational improvements in energy, appearance, mental clarity and overall wellness. Science confirms impressive benefits like:

Cellular Rejuvenation

  • Stimulates sirtuins – the “longevity proteins” that regulate lifespan
  • Repairs DNA damage to keep cells functioning youthfully
  • Clears out waste accumulation in cells

Slows Aging

  • Increases lamin A protein levels that decline with age
  • Reduces cell senescence markers across multiple organ systems
  • Restores more youthful gene expression patterns

Enhances Mental Health

  • Protects nerve cell health to lift mood and motivation
  • Balances neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine
  • Heightens cognitive abilities impaired by age/illness

Boosts Energy & Endurance

  • Amplifies mitochondrial activity and biogenesis
  • Raises ATP energy production in cells
  • Reduces fatigue and physical exhaustion

Speeds Up Recovery

  • Lowers systemic inflammation
  • Assists muscle/nerve healing after injury
  • Grows new blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients
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The NAD+ IV Experience at Boston Clinic

Getting your NAD infusion at the Boston NAD+ IV Clinic provides a comfortable, invigorating experience from start to finish. Their beautifully designed facility feels like a serene spa escape.

Before your visit, their patient care team will help determine your NAD dosage and schedule based on your health analysis and goals. They offer flexible NAD therapy cost packages.

During the 30-90 minute session, you relax comfortably while a dedicated wellness advisor administers the IV NAD via an intravenous catheter. Many clients enjoy added relaxation benefits like:

  • Watching movies on personal screens
  • Listening to tranquil music
  • Receiving a luxurious foot massage
  • Inhaling therapeutic essential oils

Afterwards, most feel an immediate mood and energy lift. It’s best to schedule relaxation activities for the rest of the day. With routine NAD+ therapy every 1-2 weeks, patients report sensational improvements persisting for months or years after finishing treatment.

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What Sets Boston’s NAD+ Therapy Apart?

With premium ingredients and protocols based on the latest anti-aging medical research, Boston offers an unparalleled NAD+ therapy experience.

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Medical-Grade NAD+ Formula

Their high-quality NAD+ injections and IV NAD+ contain the specific precursor NMN proven most effective at elevating NAD+ levels. This pharmaceutical-grade formula ensures optimal absorption and utilization.

Latest Anti-Aging Protocols

Boston’s founders continuously update their IV therapy and injection protocols to align with the best functional and regenerative medical science. Their detailed health analysis allows customization.

Ultra Luxury Experience

Relax in style with first-class amenities like massage chairs, essential oil diffusers and insulation pods around each lounge for privacy. Their VIP Penthouse level offers an even more exclusive escape.

Esteemed Medical Leadership

Their Co-Medical Director Dr. Richardson, trained at Chiang Mai and Mahidol Universities alongside USA regenerative medicine fellowships, heads up clinical oversight. Patients benefit from his expertise.


IV NAD+ Therapy FAQs

Frequently asked questions provide helpful context around the treatment experience:

The injections and infusions have an exceptional safety profile with about 10% experiencing flushing and short-term fatigue. These mild effects resolve quickly. Their medical team can provide medication if needed.

An acute cognitive and energy lift lasts around 6-8 hours. However long-term cellular repair accumulates. Most continue sessions weekly or biweekly for lasting benefits. Effects can persist for months or years after finishing rounds of treatment.

Its best to avoid alcohol for 24 hours pre-treatment and stay hydrated. The days following drink extra fluids, rest, relax with light activity like walking, get 8+ hours of sleep and support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Sessions involve relaxing in a reclined lounge chair for 30-90 min. A tiny catheter placed into your arm vein administers the NAD+ formula directly into the bloodstream. The restful settings make it easy to pass time watching movies or napping.

If you’re seeking innovative solutions for anti-aging, mental clarity, energy levels, athletic performance or general wellness – NAD+ therapy may offer phenomenal benefits! Experience it for yourself at the award-winning Boston NAD+ IV Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Call or book online to learn more!