Longevity and Life Extension In Chiang Mai

Understanding Longevity

Longevity refers to the length of a person’s life. Quality of life is even more important than longevity. It is useless to have a long life if the last years are spent in poor health unable to do what you want to do. Our longevity program emphasizes a high quality life. Both are equally important. It is the duration of healthy years that matters.

Overall mortality is only one indicator for success. Your age is just a number, it’s your health as you age that truly matters- well-being. Elderly patients understand this, but ideally young adults start early, planning for a long and healthy life. The earlier patients learn that good health is everything, the better life you will enjoy.

With advancements in healthcare and technology, human life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past century. However, there is still much research being done around understanding longevity and identifying ways to extend the human lifespan even further. Boston Health polyclinic wants to increase your life expectancy.

Longevity Testing and Assessments

There are a variety of longevity tests and assessments available to evaluate an individual’s potential lifespan as well as risk factors that may impact longevity. We have a customized approach with hormone testing, cancer screening, and both women’s health and men’s health. Your previous medical history is carefully assessed with our highly specialized lab tests. Good health does not just happen. It’s a consequence of lifestyle, excellent, medical care, and appropriate supplements and diet. We assess your family history and risk factors that affect your wellness, and our physician is a longevity certified specialist.

Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing analyzes biological markers and biomarkers within the body to evaluate cellular aging and estimate biological age. Common longevity biomarkers tested include:

  • Telomere length (measures damage to chromosomes from oxidative stress ) -shortens in older adults.
  • Advanced glycation (sugar) end products (AGE)
  • Inflammation levels including ESR and CRP
  • Vitamin and mineral levels (zinc, magnesium, lead testing etc.)

These tests, and others, help diagnose and treat underlying chronic disease and risk factors. Chronic inflammation is a huge risk factor for disease, including cardiac health. Appropriate treatment can determine your health and life expectancy.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing examines a person’s DNA for gene variants associated with longevity as well as variants linked to age-related diseases. This can provide insight into longevity prospects. Chronic disease and chronic illness can often be detected by genetic markers.

Physiological Testing

Testing physiological factors can also indicate longevity potential. Assessments of cardiovascular health, immune function, metabolism, and cognition are common.

In women, we test for hormone levels including estradiol, progesterone, FSH, LH, total testosterone, etc. with other tests depending on the clinical work up.

With men, we test for testosterone, free testosterone, SHPG, cortisol, DHEA, and other hormones, depending on the clinical presentation.

Longevity Testing and Assessments



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Longevity Treatment and Interventions

While longevity is influenced by genetic factors, there are many evidence-based treatments and interventions that may extend the lifespan. Your family history has to be taken into account, especially a family, history of cancer, hear disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and other risk factors. We must control high blood pressure effectively. It is known as the “silent killer”.

Medications and Supplements

Certain medications like metformin and supplements such as NMN have shown promise in longevity studies. Reservetrol and curcumin are two other popular supplements taken for longevity goals. NAD+ and Myers cocktail are popular. High blood pressure, known as hypertension, must be controlled by combination of diet, lifestyle, and appropriate medication. Chronic illnesses can also be treated effectively with appropriate medication. We try to control blood pressure as much as possible with diet, and other lifestyle modification. Sometimes, however, medication is required.

Lifestyle Optimisation

Optimising exercise, sleep, nutrition, and stress levels can positively impact longevity. Fasting, calorie restriction, and protein restriction may also extend lifespans according to ongoing research. After a careful assessment, we recommend a specific diet plan, which is best for you. This can include mimic fasting, intermittent fasting, or the keto diet. Any diet must be optimized for you. Heart disease is one of the commonest killers and heart disease can be significantly prevented with lifestyle adjustments. Chronic illness, including diabetes and inflammatory diseases can be markedly improved with diet modification.

Walking every day with adequate rest at night can help with focus, maintain mobility, and promote normal metabolism. Nature does not control everything. You are in control of your own environment. You can help improve your physical abilities and disabilities with lifestyle choices. Wellness is a choice. We want to help you develop your ability to exercise without pain and self assess your stress level.

Cell Rejuvenation Therapies

Cutting edge treatments are being developed to rejuvenate cells and restore cell function. These include NLRP3 inhibitors, senolytic drugs, partial cellular reprogramming, and mitochondrial transfer. Stem cell therapy and Exosome therapy holds great potential with advancing our understanding.

Extending Life Expectancy with Longevity Science

Ongoing advances in the emerging field of longevity science offer hope for increasing the human health span as well as lifespan. Some active areas include:

Genetic Engineering

Gene editing tools like CRISPR may one day allow doctors to safely edit disease-related genes or genetic targets linked to aging. This could influence longevity.

Genetic Engineering

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine utilises stem cell and exosome treatments to repair damaged tissue and organs. As these regenerative treatments progress, they could potentially extend lifespans by restoring cell function. Boston health polyclinic only uses the best of stem cell treatments and exosomes.


Personalised Medicine

The ability to provide tailored health solutions based on an individual’s genetics and biomarkers may soon allow for personalised treatments that optimise each person’s longevity potential. Biomarkers can identify risk factors for heart, disease, certain cancers, and auto immune disease.

Personalised Medicine
Personalised Medicine

Robotic Surgeries

The use of robotics and computer assistance in surgeries can significantly minimise complications and mistakes. This improved precision could optimise patient outcomes and positively impact longevity.

Robotic Surgeries

FAQs About Longevity

Some of the longest living animals include certain whale species, turtles, tortoises and lobsters which have been known to live over 100 years.

Genetics are estimated to account for about 25-30% of variations in human lifespan, meaning non-genetic factors like lifestyle also substantially influence longevity.

Diets high in whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein have been linked with extended lifespans. Restricted calorie intake also appears to optimise longevity. There are numerous diets. They should be customized to each person. No one individual diet can be recommended to everyone. Your physical activity, blood, pressure, and overall good health are all factors to consider- women tend to have different dietary needs than men. A diet that might work for one family member will not work for another. Muscle weakness needs to be corrected with appropriate protein intake, and activity.

It is possible. Recent developments in cellular rejuvenation, gene therapies, personalised medicine and other longevity treatments show immense promise for extending human lifespans, and possibly your lifespan too. To optimize your healthy long life, consult with our longevity specialist here at Boston Health polyclinic.