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Specialist consultation or health care consultation with a doctor at Boston Health Polyclinic, a comprehensive health clinic that believes in holistic solutions. Ready to provide services and treatment, led by a team of family physicians, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, and physical therapists. We are prepared to take care of and consult on symptoms and concerns concerning disease or illness entirely online. Just calling a consultation specialist will allow you to access medical services quickly. It also allows clients to assess their symptoms. Preliminary risk screening and receive advice on taking care of yourself properly from a medical expert. BHP also has a service to visit patients’ homes or house-call doctors if the patient cannot come to receive a medical consultation at the clinic.

What is Specialist Consultation?

A specialist health or medical consultation provides counseling services that help clients enhance their physical and mental health by expert doctors who use techniques and methods to provide counseling services correctly and appropriately for each client. A specialist consultation in Chiang Mai ensures that recipients have a knowledgeable understanding of their disease and health. It allows you to take care of yourself appropriately and correctly. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

Boston Health has methods for providing specialist consultations with family medicine doctors as follows:

  • Travel to see the doctor at the clinic to ask about diseases or physical and mental health problems
  • No need to travel to the clinic. It is a direct call to ask the doctor. There is a method as follows:
  • Face-to-face consultation via video call
  • Voice talking through calls
  • Chatting with a doctor and sending pictures to help doctors further diagnose the condition.
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Advantages of a Specialist consultation, Ask a doctor online

An online specialist consultation is one of the telemedicine services where patients can directly discuss their health problems with a specialist doctor. The doctor will evaluate the symptoms through various online channels such as telephone or video calls. Diagnose and find the cause and provide primary treatment. This will have many advantages, as follows:

  • Clients can quickly access health care consultation services without wasting time traveling and waiting in line to see a doctor at the hospital.
  • Reduce the risk of exposure and prevent the spread of germs.
  • Save money because there is no need to pay for travel. There is no need to take leave from work. Moreover, the service fee is cheaper than seeing a doctor directly at the hospital.
  • Access to health services is more accessible, more convenient, and more flexible. You can consult a doctor. Make your next appointment date and time online from anywhere.
  • You can take care of your health in the long term with continuous follow-up and physical examination. This reduces the chance of complications as well.

Offering a Broad Spectrum of Specialist Consultations in Chiang Mai

Boston Health Polyclinic is well-equipped to provide specialist medical consultation, services, and treatment. Chaing Mai specialist consultations are led by a team of family physicians, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, and physical therapists. This makes us a clinic that can give you advice and guidance on a variety of health problems that you may face. It also ensures you can be easily forwarded for treatment. Rest assured that you will receive the best health consultation and treatment in a private room. The clinic provides counseling services in various areas as follows:

General health consultations

Our clinic has family physicians available to consult on clients’ health concerns. Including holistic health care counseling because we believe good health care leads to a sustainable quality of life.

Consultation for mental health problems

Mental health problems are what our clinic focuses on. Having good physical health should start with a happy mind. And our family doctors are fully available to advise on mental health issues. Along with taking care of the overall health of the service recipient, prescribing medication and providing mental health counseling

Specialist consultation

Our clinic offers specialist consultation and referral services in cases where care cannot be received at our primary health centers. Our family medicine doctors are available as a bridge and medical advisor. To select the most appropriate treatment for the clients.

Whether it is dermatologists who address complex skin issues, psychiatrists who prioritize your mental health and well-being, neurologists delving into advanced brain and nerve care, osteopaths who offer expert health consultations to enhance musculoskeletal function, anesthesiologists to discuss safe and comfortable medical procedures, endocrinologists and hematologists who oversee complex internal health systems, cardiologists who care for heart health through advanced medical care, gastroenterologists and colon and rectal surgeons who ensure digestive wellness, allergists who customized solutions for allergic reactions and surgery specialists for burns merging expertise with compassionate care.

We are ready to provide care, treatment, and referrals. So that clients receive comprehensive and appropriate medical services.


Specialist Consultations in Chiang Mai
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Why Our Specialist Consultation Stands Out in Chiang Mai

Specialist consultations at Boston Health Polyclinic have been streamlined. It makes it possible to provide health services quickly and provide a thorough physical evaluation by our family physicians, who emphasize holistic care and continuous care to promote good physical and mental health.

Looking at family health history allows us to understand the bigger picture of a service recipient’s issues. As a result, our clinic for specialist consultation in Chiang Mai can provide targeted treatment and advice and reduce the severity of clients’ health problems.

Specialist Consultations in Chiang Mai FAQs

Of course!! You can follow up appointments with the same consultation specialist for the best results in treatment and continuous monitoring of symptoms.

A consultation specialist is suitable for anyone who wants to discuss physical or mental health problems or health concerns and those with symptoms or diseases that can be treated primarily with medicine. Having an illness or having severe symptoms means there is a requirement for urgent advanced medical treatment.

Family physicians at Boston Health Polyclinic are available to anyone who needs a health consultation in Chiang Mai concerning physical or mental health concerns. If the person receiving the service decides to continue treatment at the clinic, they can do so. BHP’s Chiang Mai clinic could treat issues with traditional or alternative medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapy.

If it is a serious or emergency case, such as a broken bone or need for urgent surgery. The clinic also coordinates referrals so that clients receive the best health services as quickly as possible, as well

You can type to search for our clinic with the words specialist doctor consultation, health consultation in Chiang Mai, or Chiang Mai specialist consultations on Google Maps. Boston Health Polyclinic will be the primary care provider with a team of specialists you can trust. We are ready to serve you with a team of experts and modern tools and equipment.

At Boston Health, doctors provide online specialist consultation during business hours from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., making it ideal for people of all genders and all ages who want to access health services. Whether due to illness or concerns about the body or mind, You can receive health services at Boston Health Polyclinic. You can contact for information, make an appointment for a specialist medical consultation, or call to talk to the doctor through the doctor’s consultation number, 052-082-888. The clinic also regularly publicizes knowledge through the website.

Call our doctor for free health consultation information and appointments. Because it is a health service that will help alleviate concerns or health problems, additional fees may apply if you call your doctor to discuss a concern or health problem.