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At Boston, our mission is to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive preventive care. Therefore, the heart of receiving comprehensive protection, like a vaccination, is our top priority. We encourage everyone to receive a safe and quality vaccine. according to age criteria and risk factors.

For this reason, our clinic has vaccines that are widely accepted and used around the world. To always accommodate the needs of everyone, whether by appointment in advance or walk-in.

Vaccinations can also contribute to what is known as “herd immunity”. This simply means that if a significant percentage of the community is vaccinated, then a severe pandemic spreading to the community is much less likely.

Another confusing thing about vaccinations is the concept that they will always prevent you from getting the disease. This is not necessarily true and seen recently with COVID-19 vaccines. They do not necessarily stop you from getting infected, but make the disease much less severe. This means that the body can fight off the infection more effectively, and the person will not get nearly as sick.

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our Vaccinations Clinic in Chiang Mai

COVID/Coronavirus Vaccine Ready: Chiang Mai Vaccination Clinic Protecting with the Latest Vaccine Shots

At Boston Health Clinic in Chiang Mai, we focus on protecting against COVID/Coronavirus and encourage everyone to receive immunity vaccine boosters. COVID vaccine will reduce your risk and may save your life. Vaccines do not necessarily decrease your risk of getting infected, but they significantly decrease the sickness associated with an infection. This means instead of having long-term and potentially deadly consequences, the illness is similar to a cold, or the flu.

At BHP, we only use vaccines that have been approved by the World Health Organisation.

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Vaccination Services in Chiang Mai

Travel Vaccine Clinic in Chiang Mai: Preparing You for Global Adventures with Essential Vaccinations Clinic

Travel Vaccine Clinic in Chiang Mai: Preparing You for Global Adventures with Essential Vaccinations Clinic

Things that are important for travelers are vaccinations to increase the body’s immunity. Yomeanns you have protection when encountering illness. Getting vaccinated can also help reduce the severity of an unexpected disease.

Those with chronic diseases and the elderly should have a physical examination and get vaccinated before traveling. We want to make sure that the trip goes according to plan and you can truly relax.

Many risk factors make the disease process worse. Increased age, male, sex, underlying respiratory or cardiac problems, immunocompromise, and people on certain medications can all be at high risk. Smokers are particularly at risk.

Our doctors will consider vaccinations for travelers based on their medical history and underlying medical problems. Physical examination results, places or countries visited, travel duration as well and activities performed while traveling are considered.

The country you are traveling to may have diseases that are very uncommon in your native countries, such as dengue fever, encephalitis, and typhus. These may be rare in your home country, but not where you’re traveling to.

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Diverse Immunisation Options: From Flu Vaccines to Chickenpox Vaccines, We’ve Got You Covered.

We offer a variety of comprehensive vaccination services to meet the diverse needs of service users.

Vaccination is considered based on age and various risk factors such as congenital diseases, area of residence, age, etc…

We have all types of immunity vaccines such as chickenpox vaccine, monkeypox vaccines, Influenzas vaccine (Flu shot), and pneumococcal vaccines.

Specialised Vaccine Offerings: Featuring Gardasil Vaccines, Pentavalent Vaccines, and Nasal Vaccines

There are several different ways to deliver a vaccine. Most people always feel that it’s going to be a shot, but it can also be a nasal spray, or a medication taken by mouth recent advancements have made vaccinating people easier than ever.

We also provide specialized vaccines like the pentavalent vaccine, Zoster vaccine (RZV), Varicella VAR, and Cervical cancer vaccine 4,9 [Gardasil Vaccines]. For specialized vaccination services, We recommend contacting us to preorder the vaccine and discuss the doctor before taking the vaccination.

Walk-In Vaccination Centre: No Appointments Needed, Just Visit Our Vaccination Clinic in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a walk-in vaccination clinic near me you can walk in for emergency treatment no matter your situation and we will be able to treat any issue and provide a vaccine for any condition as follows:

The available vaccination services for walk-in:

  • Influenza vaccine (Flu shot)
  • Pneumococcal vaccines
  • Rabies vaccines
  • Tetanus vaccines
  • Tetanus diphtheria vaccines

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Understanding Types of Vaccines: An Informative Guide to Monkeypox, Gardasil, and More.

Classification of vaccines according to production can be separated into 3 types:

1. Toxoid vaccinations

Toxoid vaccines refer to vaccines produced by taking the toxins of microorganisms that are an important part of causing disease and making them ineffective but still being able to stimulate immunity. such as the diphtheria vaccine and tetanus vaccine

Reaction: slight symptoms may occur around the injection point approximately 3-4 hours after the vacation and may include fever.

2. Live vaccinations

Live attenuated vaccinations refer to a vaccine that is produced by using organisms that are attenuated so that they cannot cause disease but are sufficient to stimulate the body’s immune system.

Vaccines in this group include: Oral polio vaccine Combined measles-rubella-mumps vaccine Chickenpox vaccine, Tuberculosis vaccine, Oral typhoid vaccine, Rota vaccine and Influenza nasal spray vaccine.

Reaction: When it enters the body, there will be no immediate reaction or effect or only slight symptoms.

3. Killed Vaccinations (can be divided into 2 subgroups: Inactivated vaccine and Killed vaccine)

1. Killed Vaccines

refer to a vaccine that is made by killing germs, bacteria, or the whole virus (Whole-cell vaccine or virion vaccine) with chemicals, heat, or radiation. These vaccines require 2-3 doses and take a longer time to active immunization.

Reaction: often causes mild reactions at the injection site. Sometimes there may be a fever as well.

An example of a vaccine in this group is the whole acellular pertussis vaccine. Injectable cholera vaccine, Inject-able polio vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine, and Inactivated JE encephalitis vaccine,

2. Inactivated vaccine

Vaccines are made from parts of bacteria or viruses (Subunit vaccine or Acellular vaccine). such as the hepatitis B vaccine. Influenza vaccine, Hib vaccine, acellular pertussis vaccine Injectable typhoid vaccine Pneumococcal vaccine Vaccine to prevent cervical cancer from HPV

Reaction: usually have a few reactions after injections.

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Visit The Leading One-Stop Vaccination Center in Chiang Mai Today!

We are open to making an appointment from Monday to Saturday from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. All walk-in patients are also welcome


Vaccination Services Chiang Mai FAQs

We would be more than happy to assist and create a vaccination plan tailored to each individual. It’s very important that many issues are taking into consideration when choosing your vaccines such as where you were traveling and any underlying health problems you may have.

You can contact the clinic and provide the name of the medicine you need. Along with making an appointment with us 1-2 weeks in advance to fit with your traveling plan. We will analyze your medical health, your age, risk factors, as well as what countries you are traveling to, and what is endemic in those areas.

If you looking for a Chiang Mai vaccination clinic for Flu vaccine, chickenpox, or Gardasil vaccine (BHP) then we can help you. We also provide a wide range of other common vaccination services such as Hepatitis B, HPV (Human papillomavirus) or Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap).

We suggest you make an appointment with our clinic first to ensure that you receive accurate and complete information and provide you with the best service.

Some of our vaccines are highly specialized and need to be ordered in advance to save you time.

In (BHP), We believe that good communication is the foundation of understanding and the starting point for lasting health. Therefore, We train all staff in the clinic to be able to communicate fluently in English and can provide accurate information.

We can assure you that you will receive professional and friendly service in our clinic.