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Laboratory testing is more than just taking blood and doing a test. It can also be urinalysis, tests of other body fluids, Pap smear, etc. As medicine advances, more and more testing becomes available for early detection of a disease. Laboratory testing is a basic core service for any medical clinic. First, your health is assessed by a medical doctor. After this assessment, a medical laboratory test may be indicated based on the result of your history and physical. Essential the main qualities of a lab testing service are accuracy and efficiency. You also want the results promptly. All are important.

A false positive test would be when the test comes back positive but is not correct. A false negative test means that something was not detected that was there. Both can be problematic. If you’re looking for medical laboratory services in Chiang Mai, then we provide convenient and professional services for all your medical lab tests required. We are operated by professional doctors, nurses, and lab technicians. All of our lab test procedures and blood draws are done with expertise, professionalism, and gentleness.

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Laboratory Screening Tests In Chiang Mai: What Do The Tests Cover?

Laboratory screening is a process of performing lab tests to help make a diagnosis more accurate. The process involves testing samples of bodily fluids or tissue. We will draw blood or collect specimens. (There are many types of lab tests, each with different procedures such as testing urine, blood, etc.) We use these tests to determine problems that may lead to diseases. We also check for ideal levels, for example, testing for potassium levels on someone who might be on medication.

Laboratory screening implies that the person is asymptomatic, but is being tested to determine whether or not there could still be a disease process present. The patient is just not experiencing symptoms yet. Having a laboratory examination conducted can be preventative, such as detecting high cholesterol levels. A clinical lab test can also detect potential diseases such as Pap smears that are used for detecting cancer. Your particular requirements for a clinical lab test should be assessed by a professional licensed doctor.

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Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

Laboratory Examination in Chiang Mai

Your Trusted Destination for a Comprehensive Laboratory Examination in Chiang Mai

Our Chiang Mai laboratory test service at Boston Health Polyclinic has been developed incorporating Western standards from Boston in the USA. This is because the owner of Boston Health Polyclinic is a highly experienced surgeon from Boston. Our testing requirements follow guidelines directly from the Center for Disease Control in the USA. Let Boston Health Polyclinic be the clinic you trust to take care of you and your family with health examinations backed up with comprehensive laboratory testing directly in the clinic.

We use only the most modern, clean, and safe medical laboratory equipment for the analysis, diagnosis, and processing providing the most accurate medical lab test results available in Chiang Mai. Our specialist clinic doctors will also help to evaluate your medical lab test results in an easy-to-understand and digestible format. Our clinic offers a wide range of laboratory services in Chiang Mai and should be your first port of call if you are searching for clinical laboratory tests that offer fast, efficient, and accurate results.

Why Choose Our Laboratory Services?

We provide convenient lab testing close to you. All our lab tests are performed by a registered nurse here in our clinic, drawing your blood, professionally and compassionately. We use only the best up-to-date medical labs for processing and return your lab test results promptly.

Looking for a Chiang Mai laboratory test today? Please contact 052-082-888 to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment on our homepage where you will see an appointment icon.


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Our Range of Medical Laboratory Tests

We have a wide range of medical lab tests, including everything from cholesterol screening, and cancer, screening, and customised blood panels appropriate for you.

We do virtually all modern lab tests and return your lab test results promptly. (see list to the right)

Comprehensive Medical Laboratory Test Offerings in Chiang Mai

Our clinical laboratory is able to offer you all the modern testing. Some of these tests include but are not limited to:

  • PSA and prostate screening
  • Cancer screening with all modern cancer screening tests
  • Hormone levels for both men and women
  • Complete blood counts and electrolytes
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Pap smear

These are just some of the medical laboratory test services available at Boston Health Polyclinic.

We want you to know that if it’s a modern lab test, we can do it.

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Chiang Mai Lab Test: Fast, Efficient, and Reliable

Of these three values, reliable testing is the most important. It is essential to absolutely minimize inaccurate clinical laboratory tests that lead to unnecessary treatment or even worse non-detection of disease. This is why our medical laboratory services only use the most modern equipment and supporting laboratories. From the patient’s perspective, you want your Chiang Mai lab test to be efficient. We do most of our testing by appointment to minimize any wait time.

We also know that you want the results as fast as possible. We understand this and are committed to providing prompt medical laboratory services with the fastest possible result. These are core values for lab testing at Boston Health Polyclinic Chiang Mai. We realize you want to be assured that the lab tests are done in a fast, efficient, and professional manner.

Schedule Your Lab Test in Chiang Mai Today

If you’re considering a lab test, the most common reason to delay getting the lab test is either fear or the thought process that it might be painful. We take all of the fear away, and our testing is virtually painless because it’s done by very experienced professionals.

Please schedule your Chiang Mai lab test appointment on our home page or call our clinic. We’re happy to schedule an appointment for you, which would minimise any wait time. We value your time as much as you do. Please contact 052-082-888 to make an appointment for a laboratory test in Chiang Mai today.

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Contact Us Today for Your Medical Laboratory Needs

Don’t procrastinate. Your health should be your highest priority and our 5-star laboratory services in Chiang Mai alongside professional health advice await your arrival.

If you are experiencing significant health problems, suddenly, nothing else in their life really matters. So make your health your number one priority by requesting a laboratory examination at Boston Health Polyclinic in Chiang Mai today. Please contact 052-082-888 to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment on our homepage where you will see an appointment icon.

Medical Laboratory Test in Chiang Mai FAQs

Our clinic is located opposite Global House, on the 2nd ring road. Tawangtan Sub-district, Saraphi , Chiang Mai. You can enter the words Chiang Mai laboratory test, lab test near me, medical lab near me, or lab test medical laboratories in Google and you will find us. We are located on the second ring road which travels very well. It is a major artery and has six lanes which ensures fast travel. We chose a location that is very easy to access. We have excellent and essentially unlimited parking.

We offer all the common blood tests, such as PSA, cholesterol screening, and cancer screening, as well as very specific testing, such as thyroid function and hormone levels. We offer all the lab tests available in Chiang Mai and beyond.

Experienced nurses perform our blood drawing, and your lab testing is conducted in a modern lab with state-of-the-art equipment. Our tests are the most accurate available. We minimize your wait time because we know that you want to get the results as quickly as possible. Finally, patient confidentiality is extremely important to us. All of your personal information is kept highly confidential, and our staff is well-trained in Thai health privacy protection laws.

Our Chiang Mai clinical lab test service offers excellent value for your hard-earned money. All our clinical laboratory tests are carried out to the highest standards in Thailand backed up by western medical ownership. Boston Health Polyclinic also offers a convenient location with excellent parking and easy access across Chiang Mai.

Although we do accept walk-in appointments, it’s better for you if you schedule it with an appointment online. You can also call our clinic and make an appointment. Please contact 052-082-888 to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment on our homepage where you will see an appointment icon.