Cancer Test Services in Chiang Mai at Boston Health Cancer Testing Clinic

Cancer is a feared word, and its meaning is simply a number of highly variable diseases that have a common factor of uncontrolled and often rapid cell growth. The cells multiply out of control and cause damage to the body through this uncontrolled development. The goal of cancer screenings is to detect cancer in its earliest stages when they are much easier to treat and a cure rate is higher.

Screening for cancer is incredibly important, particularly as we get older. Cancer is a leading cause of death, but the percentage of cancer deaths increases as we age. Comprehensive cancer screening is a top priority at Boston Cancer Testing Clinic in Chiang Mai.

Less radical treatment can be used when caught early, and your hope for a cure increases with earlier detection. Most people take an ostrich approach and simply ignore any concerns they might have. They may even go so far as to ignore symptoms and clear indications that they should be concerned.

We offer a comprehensive cancer screening test in Chiang Mai for all the common cancers, such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer, as well as testing for less common and rare cancers.

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Cancer Test Clinic Chiang Mai

Blood Test for Cancer in Chiang Mai: Accurate and Reliable

A cancer screening test in Chiang Mai is a proactive method of trying to be aggressive in investigating any potential problems. Our programs have been created to use state-of-the-art full cancer screening techniques to investigate any possible health issues. The test ordered for you will depend on your specific age, gender, and other risk factors, such as smoking. We also offer a complete panel and investigation for all the most common cancers as part of a wellness and cancer check-up.

With the advancements in medicine, we can use a blood test to detect cancer. Depending on the type of cancer, there is more than a single blood test to check for cancer, depending on your age, sex, and other associated contributory factors.

Some of the most prevalent ones we test for are breast, colorectal, cervical, and lung cancer.

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Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

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Full Cancer Screening: Comprehensive Cancer Check Up for Early Detection

Screening represents one of the foundations in the ongoing fight against cancer. Properly performed, it has the potential to save thousands of lives and potentially yours.

We will do full cancer screening for the most common cancers, as well as any specific cancers that your history may reveal you are at particular risk for developing.

Full cancer screening consists of a detailed history and physical, complete blood count test, and specific investigations for diseases.

Various age groups are at risk for different types of cancer. This is why there are different panels for specific indications rather than a “one-size-fits-all” type of panel. You are best served by having a specifically tailored panel for your cancer screening test in Chiang Mai that is developed just for you and your unique situation.

Cancer Diagnosis Blood Test: Trust the Experts for Precise Results

Boston Health Polyclinic is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty clinic for performing your cancer screening test in Chiang Mai.

We are available by appointment to perform a full cancer screening. This will include a complete blood count test, specific tests, and other investigations, such as mammograms, CAT scans, MRI, or other testing, depending on your risk factors.

Prostate cancer screening and cervical cancer screening are excellent examples of getting higher cure rates when detected early.

Specialised Cancer Screening: Tailored Approaches for Optimal Health

Your specific situation dictates that you should have a tailored approach to cancer screening. This cancer check-up in Chiang Mai may include:

  • Physical Examination (PE)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Complete Blood count test (CBC)
  • Liver cancer screening (AFT)
  • Colorectal cancer screening (CEA)
  • Pancreatic and Gastric cancer screening (CA19-9)
  • Lung cancer screening (NSE)
  • Prostate cancer screening (PSA)
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Women’s Comprehensive Cancer Screening: Prioritising Female Health and Wellness

Women’s health services are provided by our female, licensed medical physicians. They are experts in women’s health, as well as possessing expertise in each cancer screening test in Chiang Mai.

  • Physical Examination (PE)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Complete Blood count test (CBC)
  • Liver cancer screening (AFT)
  • Colorectal cancer screening (CEA)
  • Pancreatic and Gastric cancer screening (CA19-9)
  • Lung cancer screening (NSE)
  • Cervical cancer screening (Pap smear)
  • Ovarian cancer screening (CA 125)
  • Breast cancer screening (CA 15-3)

They can also order ultrasound, mammograms, MRI, and specific CAT scans, depending on the clinical situation.

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Cancer Screening Tests in Chiang Mai: Comprehensive Solutions for Early Intervention

It’s very important with a cancer screening test in Chiang Mai that we get a complete history of your specific medical situation. Someone who smoked for 20 years but quit 10 years ago has a completely different risk profile than someone who has never smoked.

Work exposure, exposure to the sun, and ethnicity are just some of the factors that have to be considered in your comprehensive solution for early intervention.

Please remember that early detection is crucial for successful results in cancer treatment. Any cancer found earlier is easier to treat and has a higher cure rate than a cancer that is found at a very late stage. For this reason, we strongly advise you to be up-to-date on all your age-appropriate and gender-appropriate cancer screening.

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Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

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Cancer Check-Up in Chiang Mai: Prioritise Your Health with Our Expertise

As a general observation, some people spend more money and time on their automobile than they do on their own health. You would not think of driving your car for several years without changing the oil. You would not wait for your tires to blow out before you replace them.

The same is true of your health. You need to take care of yourself and think of your body as something that needs preventive maintenance and care.

Prioritize your health, and make healthy longevity your priority in life.

We will help you with your body, preventive maintenance, and care. If you are looking for a cancer screening test in Chiang Mai, please come to Boston Health Polyclinic.

Arrange A Blood Test to Check for Cancer in Chiang Mai Today: Ensuring Your Well-being is Our Priority

A blood test for cancer in Chaing Mai does not have to take a long time. You can speak with the doctor and decide which is the best screening test for you.

You’ll feel better when your test comes back negative, and much of your anxiety will disappear.

Please see the appointment tab on our homepage to make an appointment for a complete cancer list that is prevalent for your gender and age group.

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Cancer Test & Cancer Screening Chiang Mai FAQs

We have a wide variety of programs for full cancer screening. This is because different age groups and different gender groups need different testing.

We have a customized program for a cancer check up in Chiang Mai for women and men.

This includes a specific blood test for cancer and specialized tests, such as mammograms and Pap smears for women and PSA testing for men.

We order a complete panel of tests appropriate to your gender, age group, and other risk factors.

Here at Bostonhealth Polyclinic, we have some core values that are very important for a patient. We treat all patients like our family and very carefully select appropriate screening tests that offer the best possible approach to their particular situation.

We have a very simple slogan at Boston Health Polyclinic.

Do the right thing.

This means that we will never order a test that is not indicated for you and always make sure that you get the appropriate cancer test and treatment that is cost-effective.

How often you get tested depends on your risk factors.

An older smoker with a history of lung disease and possibly asbestos exposure would need much more frequent testing than a 30-year-old with no risk factors. This is why we have customized age, gender, and risk factor-dependent testing available.

Although there are some cancers common to both groups, obviously, there are cancers that are gender specific.

We’ll do prostate cancer screening for men and breast cancer, cervical cancer screening, and ovarian cancer screening in women. Also, some cancers are found in both groups but are much more common in one group than in the other group.

All these factors are taken into consideration when ordering your customized cancer screening.

Cancer screening, by definition, is in asymptomatic people most of the time. This is the whole objective of cancer screening. We want to find the cancer before it causes any symptoms and in its very earliest stages.

If you are looking for a cancer screening test in Chiang Mai, then we will help guide you through the process of deciding which cancer test is appropriate for you.

Many cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, are only symptomatic in the late stages and have a very poor cure rate in Stage IV. If found in an early stage by screening, they’re much more treatable.