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Primary health care is one of the divisions of Boston Health Polyclinic that emphasizes holistic and continuous care to promote health and well-being. The clinic’s expert team includes a family doctor (primary care doctor or primary care physician), a physiotherapist, and traditional Chinese medicine. They take care of all clients, provide medical advice, and coordinate referrals to specialists or health services as appropriate. Rest assured that they will deliver the best care from a clinic near your home.

Your Trusted PCP Doctor in Chiang Mai

Your primary care doctor in Chiang Mai is someone who can provide diagnosis and care from the earliest stages of illness. The team consists of:

  • Family medicine doctors, primary care providers, or primary physician
  • Nurse
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Physical therapist

At Boston Health, we have a team of medical experts who can take care of providing health consultations based on the principles of family medicine. We also apply medical knowledge. and look at the overall picture of the family and community. We make it possible to understand the whole picture that affects the patient’s health. As a result, we are a team that provides targeted treatment.

Trusted PCP Doctor in Chiang Mai



Dr. Ploy

Licensed Doctor

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What Sets Our Primary Care Clinic in Chiang Mai Apart

We provide consultation services and diagnosis by a team of medical experts. Under the standards of service and treatment, we also have home visits and telephone consultations or telehealth by primary care doctors, in the event that the person receiving the service is unable to come to receive the service at the clinic themselves. Our clinic provides a full range of services. and is easily accessible.

Your Path to Optimal Health Begins with Our Team of Primary Care Doctors

A family doctor, or a primary care provider, is a specialist who provides early diagnosis of illness. This helps identify the disease and assess risk. This allows for timely care and finding appropriate ways to prevent illness.

In the case of having a congenital disease or chronic disease, regular visits with your primary care physician at your local primary health care center at Boston Health Polyclinic can also be helpful in monitoring and stabilizing your symptoms. This reduces the chance of being admitted to the hospital. and helps reduce the risk of complications. Primary medical care is essential for longevity.

Primary Palliative Care: A Caring Touch in Chiang Mai

Boston Health Polyclinic is a primary care provider in Chiang Mai that helps simplify the process of receiving health services. Regular visits to appropriate health services help our primary care physicians compile an in-depth history and health information. This reduces the risk of missing information from your history. This makes it possible to diagnose disease with great accuracy. and plan a holistic treatment approach with the patient at our primary health care center in an appropriate and timely manner. It also helps people who receive services save on health care costs.

Accessing Primary Care in Chiang Mai Has Never Been Easier. Call Our Team Today!

Primary care providers are suitable for people of all genders and all ages who want to access health services. Primary medical services can be accessed at BHP. The clinic offers on-call consultations with a primary care physician in the event that the person receiving the service is unable to come to receive the service at the clinic. You can contact us for information or make an appointment via phone number 052-082-888. The clinic also regularly publicizes knowledge and promotion through its website and Facebook page.

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Primary Care Provider FAQs

Primary Care is the most easily accessible health service, closest to the community. People often think of it first when they are sick. or have physical or mental concerns, BHP is ready to take care of your health holistically, with the patient as the center. We are ready to provide treatment from the initial stages until after illness in a private treatment room. This allows clients to receive the best treatment and advice. Primary physicians are the core of your healthy life

Search Google for ‘primary care provider in Chiang Mai’, primary care doctor in Chiang Mai, primary health centre, or primary care physicians and you will find us. We want to be your primary health care provider.

Boston Health adheres to the principles of Primary Care service, with the patient at the center of attention. We provide comprehensive assessment and treatment at every step of health care. The health services are as follows:

  • Provide a thorough evaluation before making a diagnosis in a private treatment room.
  • Take care of symptoms. The primary care doctor and patient plan treatment and health promotion care together.
  • Provide blood testing services to collect other specimens such as saliva, urine, and faeces. Interpret results with standardised equipment along with the advice of a primary physician.
  • There is a consultation and coordination system for referrals to specialized doctors or health services as appropriate. BHP has alternative doctors, namely traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapists. There is counseling and appropriate treatment for the person receiving the service. You can receive complete treatment at BHP’s primary clinic.

No referral is necessary. We are ready to serve you with a team of primary care doctors who have the knowledge and ability to provide you with complete care and treatment. You can contact us at 052-082-888.