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Vaginal Examination in Chiang Mai: Per vaginal examinations are important for detecting growths of the uterus, STDs, early-stage cancer, and ovarian cysts to help reduce risk in women. A vaginal examination is a screening test or vaginal check-up. This exam helps to reduce the risk of serious diseases in women, such as cervical cancer or sexually transmitted infections. Boston Health offers vaginal examination services. We have a female gynecologist and obstetrician doctor in Chiang Mai and also use laboratory examinations to screen women for diseases.

What is a per-vaginal examination? Let’s get to know how to reduce disease in women

A vaginal examination or pelvic examination is an examination done per vagina by an obstetrics and gynecology doctor to assess the nature of any abnormalities or lesions present in the vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries. This may include an annual internal examination. A PV examination procedure should be performed every year or when a female reaches the age required. A regular gynecological exam reduces the risk of disease in women. Early treatment of any disease found can be performed in time and without complications to stop a disease from spreading.

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Is a per-vaginal examination important? Why must you check PV?

The importance of the per-vaginal examination in Chiang Mai is to screen and detect diseases of the pelvic organs. They are at risk of causing life-threatening diseases such as cervical cancer, etc. A Chiang Mai gynecologist can detect issues early, and timely treatment can be given. In the early stages of some diseases, there are often no symptoms, so making regular visits to an obstetrician and gynecologist is crucial. Early detection of any health issues also reduces the risk of complications.

When should I have a per-vaginal examination? What kind of abnormal symptoms need to be examined?

A per-vaginal check-up should begin from the age of 25 years up to at least 65 years. In cases over 65 years old, you should consult a Chiang Mai gynecologist as to whether you should continue the examination or not. The per-vaginal examination will include a cervical cancer screening test called a PAP smear.

If the patient is sexually active at an earlier age, then the examinations have to start at an earlier age.

With a vaginal examination, there may be indications such as regular pain in the lower abdomen, a lump, or abnormal vaginal discharge, etc. If there are abnormal symptoms in the reproductive system, per vaginal examination is considered one of the procedures that must be examined.

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PV Examination Procedure: Thorough and Gentle Approach to Gynecological Exams

With the per-vaginal examination process, the patient must lie back on the bed and raise their legs on the gynecological table. In addition, BHP’s Chiang Mai gynecologist will screen the external appearance by examining the genitals first to see if there are any lesions or abnormalities.

Then the internal characteristics will be examined with a speculum to see if the uterus, cervix, and vagina are normal or not. Cervical cancer screening will be done at this step. Finally, the inside of the uterus will be examined by palpating the uterus and pelvic organs.

Preparing for a Cervical Exam: Knowing What’s Ahead for Better Comfort

Preparing before going for a vaginal examination is very important. This will make the results of the vaginal examination come out as complete as possible. Therefore, prepare yourself, and we recommend that you do the following:

  • You should abstain from having sex for at least 2 days.
  • You should completely empty your bladder prior to doing the vaginal examination.
  • Avoid undergoing a vaginal examination during menstruation.
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Understanding Vaginal Examination Findings: Empowering Patients with Knowledge

  1. Cervical cancer
  2. Ovarian cancer
  3. Uterine lump
  4. Genital warts
  5. Other sexually transmitted diseases

Differences between vaginal examination in clinics and hospitals

If you want to check for PV, a vaginal examination can be done in a gynecology clinic in Chiang Mai or a hospital. They both have different advantages and disadvantages. Both in terms of price, location, and various services.

Both locations are able to perform a competent exam.

How good is the vaginal examination clinic?

Seeing a private gynecologist in a clinic is faster than in hospitals. For a fast and straightforward vaginal examination, you can see a gynecologist doctor at BHP and get examined immediately.

At BHP, a vaginal examination can be performed by our gynecologist doctor, and the cost associated with a clinic is less than the cost associated with a private hospital.

How good is the vaginal examination at a hospital?

The PV examination and subsequent gynecologist treatment with BHP can be done in a single location, but the examination within a hospital may take longer and have other costs.

Vaginal examinations are available at both government and private hospitals. If the examination is done in a private hospital, the price is more expensive than the government. Government hospitals are very busy, and the wait may be longer.

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Consult with a Private Gynecologist: Confidential and Personalized Gynecologist Treatment Plans

We also provide consultation with family physicians both before and after to assess the vaginal examination findings. This includes various types of cervical cancer screenings as well as sexually transmitted infection testing. This comprehensive and tailored approach is designed to be suitable for individuals who would prefer a more private setting to see a gynecological or obstetrician doctor in Chiang Mai.

Make an Appointment at Our Gynecology Clinic in Chiang Mai Today!

At Boston Health Polyclinic, PV examinations are conducted sensitively by our family physicians using standard medical equipment. We also provide consultation with family physicians both before and after the examination to assess the screening results obtained from the PV exam. This includes various types of cervical cancer screenings as well as sexually transmitted infection testing. This comprehensive and tailored approach is designed to be suitable for all females.

To schedule your appointment, you can contact us at 052-082-888 or

Gynecologist in Chiang Mai FAQs

Our Boston Health Polyclinic operates an obstetrics and gynecology clinic that provides vaginal exams. A consultation with our gynecologist, including the cost of the PV exam, is only 1040 baht. Our gynecology clinic in Chiang Mai can perform multiple services, including a vaginal ultrasound, a pelvic exam while pregnant, a pregnancy cervical exam, and more. We use the highest standard medical equipment, and cervical cancer screening starts at 1200 baht.

If the client does not have any symptoms, a per-vaginal examination can begin annually from the age of 25, combined with a cervical cancer screening or Pap smear up to age 65 or older.

In cases where there is an indication for PV examination, such as excessive vaginal bleeding, a potential genital infection, or abdominal pain, PV examinations can be started at a younger age than that.

The examination should be done at least 3 days before or after menstruation. This is in order for the test to accurately interpret the results. In addition, before the vaginal examination in Chiang Mai, you should urinate until your bladder is empty. This is so the doctor will be able to complete the internal examination, and you won’t feel any abdominal discomfort.

A per-vaginal examination for women is a common procedure and is not painful. However, there may be tightness caused by the device during the PV examination procedure. You can report this to the gynecologist. It is sometimes a cervical cancer screening test (Pap smear) where bleeding may be found after the examination.

The answer is that the price of a PV examination at our clinic is very affordable. The price for a PV examination is 1040 baht, and a Pap smear is 1,200 baht, which is considered a cheap PV examination service that anyone can afford. So if interested in an internal health check to check internal hormones. complete a vaginal examination, or a cervical exam, we recommend you contact us and schedule an appointment.

Women who have never had sexual intercourse before can have a PV examination. In this regard, the equipment used during a PV examination procedure, called a speculum, comes in multiple sizes. If you are receiving the PV examination for the first time, you should inform the doctor immediately in order for them to select the appropriate equipment.

Women undergoing menopause should undergo a regular vaginal check-up. Because the older you get, the risk of developing cancer is even higher. A vaginal examination helps to diagnose and detect disease early, making any treatment more successful.

Women who are over 35 years old should do the PV exam with cervical cancer screening annually. If you have a history that indicates a high risk of cervical cancer, the interval will be every 6 months if needed.

You can book an appointment for your examination at 052-082-888 or

A pelvic examination during pregnancy is commonplace and is done to check for potential abnormalities and infections. An expert at BHP’s gynecology clinic in Chiang Mai will perform a pelvic test or pelvic exam to examine the overall health of the reproductive organs.

Of course, you can schedule your examination with us here at Boston Health Polyclinic in Chiang Mai with a private gynecologist. You can contact us to make an appointment at 052-082-888 or