Women’s Health Check-Up at Chiang Mai’s Leading Women’s Healthcare Clinic

Regular health check-ups for women are very important. The goal is to promote quality of life, prevent disease, and reduce complications from any existing disease. Women should have a health check-up at least once a year. Boston Health is a women’s health clinic in Chiang Mai. We have a health check program according to age and additional health screening programs designed only for women. The women’s care clinic operates with family medicine doctors who provide holistic care, paying attention to you in every detail.

Women’s Health Check-Up in Chiang Mai

Essential Health Check-Ups: Every Woman Deserves

Women aged 30 years and over should have an annual health check every year. An annual health check-up for females helps prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases in the future and reduces the risk of complications. It would be best if you visited a womens health care clinic for an annual health check, starting at 30 years of age. This may be required at an earlier age, depending on health status and sexual activity.

Lifestyle risk factors should be considered, as well as any underlying disease process. A Pap smear is part of the women’s annual check-up.

Womens Health Check Up at Chiang Mai



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Health Check-Up for Ladies in Chiang Mai: The Importance and What to Expect

The annual check-up for females is divided into 2 parts: a general physical examination and laboratory tests. Both parts are important for screening for abnormalities and prevention of serious diseases such as cervical and breast cancer. An annual women’s health exam is crucial to help reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Your lab tests are examined by a medical professional, and lab tests are performed in a standardized laboratory.

General physical examination includes measuring various vital signs such as measuring blood pressure and heart rate. A health history is taken, as well as a complete physical female health examination.

Lab tests check for abnormalities in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, and many other abnormalities.

Physical examinations include breast examination from a specialist doctor. We also perform vaginal examinations combined with cervical cancer screening, mammograms, and checking female hormone levels, etc.

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Women’s Clinic in Chiang Mai: Setting Standards for Female Health

A ladies’ health check-up should include a general physical examination according to standard criteria. Female health examinations at BHP include a complete health program. If a disease is detected, the clinic’s medical team is ready to provide continued treatment according to standards at affordable rates.

Women’s Health Check-Up Chiang Mai FAQs

There is an easy-to-use link at the top of our homepage to schedule an appointment at our women’s care clinic. You can also call our clinic at 052-082-888.

Boston Health’s health check-up for ladies is divided into age-specific health screening packages, including cancer screenings for women according to age. Complete body check-ups by experts who have a special understanding of female health.

An annual check-up for females of 40 years of age is necessary. According to our Boston Health women’s health screening program for women aged 30-50 years, a mammogram and chest ultrasound should be conducted by a radiologist. Boston Health has created a referral network to provide such tests to clients and provide advice from a family medicine doctor regarding results.

Boston Health’s women’s annual program providing a health check-up for females is divided according to age. Our women’s healthcare center decides which checks are appropriate for that age range, and the tests are designed in order for clients to get the most benefit. All female clinic tests are reasonably priced, and the clinic is clean, modern, safe, and certified. We are fully equipped to deal with women’s health issues and are serviced by skilled doctors and professional nurses. You will be well looked after at our women’s health clinic in Chiang Mai.

A women’s health check-up in Chiang Mai at Boston Health starts at approximately 1,000 baht to 12,500 baht. Female health examination programs are divided according to age. These female health check prices include doctor fees and other services.

You can search for our clinic with the words female clinic near me, ladies clinic near me, women’s healthcare center, or clinic for women on Google Maps. Boston Health Polyclinic will be the women’s clinic in Chiang Mai you can trust. We are ready to serve you with a team of experts and modern tools and equipment.