Welcome to Boston Health Polyclinic: Your Trusted Heart Specialist in Chiang Mai

Boston Health Polyclinic is a multi-specialty clinic with primary care physicians and specialists appropriate for your medical problem, whether an SVT heart problem or congenital heart problems.

If needed, you can arrange to see a specialist doctor for heart issues in our clinic. Multiple cardiac specialists in Chiang Mai come to our clinic to work with us and treat the patient as a complete person.

A cardiovascular specialist in Chiang Mai is critical in your treatment plan. We are here for you.

Dive Deep Into CAD Heart Problems, SVT Heart Issues, and Congenital Heart Problems

The heart is a complex structure that consists of four chambers. There are two upper chambers, called atria, and two ventricles. The right side is responsible for pumping blood to the lungs to get oxygen, and then it returns to the left side, which pumps oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body.

The two most common heart disorders are problems with the blood vessels and problems with the electrical system. The electrical system activates the heart and allows it to function in a coordinated fashion.

Less common are problems with the valves that control blood flow into and out of the heart’s four chambers. Of the valve problems, the mitral valve is the one most commonly affected. The valve can also cause very significant problems if damaged. Rheumatoid fever as a child is one of the risk factors for developing valve problems as an adult.

Cardiovascular disease is also called CVD for short and has symptoms that include shortness of breath and chest pain. It’s a nonspecific term for the pathology process in the heart or blood vessels. Blockage of blood flow to the heart can be caused by a slow buildup of fatty deposits [atherosclerosis].

It can also be caused by a sudden embolism or blood clot [thrombosis] in the vessels that supply the heart. These vessels are called coronary arteries. Anything that contributes to the blockage of these vital blood vessels needs to be investigated by heart doctors in Chiang Mai and avoided if possible. This is why there is so much research on atherosclerosis and why checking your cholesterol levels is essential. They contribute to the slow buildup of blockages in those coronary vessels.

There are also several congenital heart problems. Some can be relatively benign, but others can be life-threatening. They include patent foramen ovale (PFO), aortic stenosis, and valve problems.

SVT is a short-form abbreviation for supraventricular tachycardia. This is one of the common arrhythmias affecting the electrical system in the heart. An SVT heart problem can present with palpitations. Other electrical problems include atrial fibrillation, Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia (PAT), and other electrical conduction abnormalities. When there is a conduction abnormality, your heart does not function in the coordinated fashion it was designed for. This can affect its ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. Cardiac specialists in Chiang Mai are available in our clinic.

There are different ways to treat electrical abnormalities. Some can be as simple as cutting back on caffeine and stimulants, which can progress to needing a pacemaker or cardiac surgery. Most of these conduction abnormalities will show up on a routine ECG.

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Recognizing the Early Signs of Heart Disease: Learn about heart problem symptoms and other critical signs of heart problems

The symptom most often associated with cardiac disease is chest pain. This is angina. This pain can radiate to the arms or up to the jaw. When it radiates to the arm, it’s usually the left arm. It can be associated with exertion but does not have to be. Interestingly, it can often occur in bed at night.

Any cardiovascular doctor will tell you that difficulty breathing or a feeling of breathlessness is another nonspecific symptom that can overlap with pulmonary problems. A heart specialist doctor in Chiang Mai can help you differentiate between the two issues.

You may feel dizzy or lightheaded. If it gets worse, you can even faint. This can be associated with a general feeling of fatigue.

You may have palpitations or fluttering in the chest. This is associated with an arrhythmia or abnormal electrical pattern in the heart.

When the heart is not pumping correctly, the blood can pool in the lower extremities, and you can get swollen ankles, which may extend up to the knee. This is known as heart failure. If it’s only on one side, it’s unlikely to be cardiac in origin.

A cardiovascular specialist in Chiang Mai is available to discuss these problems with you.

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Key Indicators That Signal Potential Heart Problems and When To Seek Help

When we search for early signs of heart disease, we first take a complete history profile. This is a strong indicator of the possibility of cardiac disease.

Our cardiac specialists in Chiang Mai will ask you about any history of high blood pressure, smoking, increased cholesterol in yourself or your family, diabetes, and exercise habits.

For family history, we look for a father or brother diagnosed with cardiac disease before age 55 and your mother or sister with cardiac disease before age 65.

Obesity is another decisive risk factor for cardiac disease. This would mean a body mass index, BMI, of 25 or over. A man with a waist measurement Greater than 37 inches is at risk. A woman with a waist measurement greater than 31.5 inches is a strong indicator of possible cardiac disease.

Ethnicity can also be a factor for cardiac disease. Black African or African Caribbean people have an increased risk of cardiac problems. This may be caused by a higher incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Alcohol intake, if excessive, can contribute to increased cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight gain. All of these are risk factors.

Most people understand that a healthy and nutritious diet is necessary for a healthy heart. Modern processed foods are almost like poison to the heart. Sugar, high fructose corn, syrup, and salt are all used in processed foods to an extent that isn’t healthy.

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From Cardiovascular Doctors to Cardiac Specialists, Get acquainted with Our Dedicated Chaing Mai Team

Every Chiang Mai heart doctor knows early intervention is an essential component of treating cardiac disease effectively.

Our heart doctors in Chiang Mai strongly believe that a primary care physician should be your first stop in screening for cardiac disease. An assessment by a cardiovascular doctor may also be required.

Here at our clinic, your first part of the assessment will be performed by a nurse, followed by a consultation with our primary medical doctor, who will order appropriate screening tests.

Almost all risk factors for cardiac disease can be either improved or mitigated.

Why Choose Our Heart Specialist Doctors in Chiang Mai?

The best way to approach cardiac disease is with a complete team. We do not take the approach of immediately going to a sub-specialist. It would be best if you were screened first and all health issues dealt with. The heart is not an isolated muscle in the body. Everything in your body is interconnected in some way.

At Boston Health Polyclinic, we work as a team of nurses, primary care physicians, and consultant cardiologists to treat and investigate your cardiac disease and entire health profile. A Chiang Mai heart doctor is available to assess you at our clinic.

Investigating and treating your underlying health and investigating your metabolic syndrome is essential.

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Advanced Cardiac Care: Cardiac Electrophysiologist Services and More at Our Chaing Mai Clinic

Investigating and treating your heart includes caring for the electrical system that controls your heart. This is where an electrophysiology cardiologist in Chiang Mai is very important.

Most patients greatly benefit from preventative care and medication to improve their health. This is a lifelong process; it shouldn’t start when you first develop heart problem symptoms. It should be a lifelong goal.

However, we will make the appropriate arrangements if you need a heart electrophysiologist in Chiang Mai.

Reach Out to Our EP Heart Doctor in Chiang Mai Today!

An EP doctor is also known as a cardiac electrophysiologist. They are an essential person in the overall treatment of your heart.

If you need to see an electrophysiologist, you’ve been identified as having an electrical problem in your heart. These doctors specialize in treating electrical issues like atrial fibrillation, SVT, and other conduction abnormalities.

If we determine after our screening process, you need to see an electrophysiologic. We will help you choose one best suited to your situation.

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Why Boston Health Polyclinic is the Go-To for Heart Problems in Chiang Mai?

There are many heart doctors in Chiang Mai. All of them are competent in treating your heart disease symptoms.

The reason to see us is because of our multidisciplinary approach. We start at the beginning of your lifestyle and investigate every part of your history and physical to find all the risk factors associated with developing cardiac disease. Too often, people treat their CAD heart problem by immediately going to a specialist or subspecialist without treating the underlying abnormalities and medical issues that contributed to their coronary artery disease in the first place.

Schedule an Appointment Today: Don’t wait. Address Your Heart Concerns with the Best Heart Doctor Chiang Mai Has to Offer!

If you’re wondering, ” Is there a heart specialist near me?” The answer is Yes! Cardiac disease is often asymptomatic, so don’t delay and act now!

Please schedule an appointment with our licensed team of primary care doctors and specialists. You should take your heart concerns seriously and remember they are best treated immediately.

Go to our home page, where you will find our contact information, and you can book an appointment online or call us today.

Heart & Cardiac Specialist Doctor Chiang Mai FAQs

Boston Health Polyclinic treats patients with underlying cardiac risk factors to try and markedly decrease the risk of developing cardiac disease. A strong emphasis is placed on preventative medicine.

Atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease are just two of the many cardiac problems that we investigate and treat.

Boston Health Polyclinic uses a multidisciplinary approach. Our primary and cardiac specialists in Chiang Mai come to our clinic.

Your initial care is performed by our primary care physician, and where appropriate, you can find a specialist doctor for heart issues and see them in our clinic.

Shortness of breath and chest pain can be signs of heart problems. Unfortunately, they’re not specific to just the heart. They may also indicate other pathologies like lung, rib, and other health issues. You should see a licensed physician to separate precisely the cause of your chest pain and shortness of breath.

If they appear suddenly, you should go immediately to the nearest emergency room for tests and medical treatment as it could be severe.

A heart electrophysiologist specializes in electrical conduction abnormalities of the heart. This is an essential branch of cardiology. They concentrate on the electrical system in the heart that makes all the different chambers function in a coordinated fashion. An electrical problem can be as bad and deadly as a blockage of blood vessels that causes a heart attack.

A specialist doctor for heart disease can fall into two basic categories. An electrophysiology cardiologist in Chiang Mai will treat electrical problems. A cardiovascular heart doctor will treat blood vessel blockage and other common cardiac problems. If you’re looking for a heart specialist doctor in Chiang Mai, we can help.

A cardiovascular specialist concentrates on the blood vessels and function of the heart. Although trained in electrical abnormalities, they’re not as specialized as electrophysiologists. Instead, a cardiovascular specialist would treat things such as coronary artery blockage and perform procedures, such as stents, which bypass blockages in the cardiac arteries.

Here is a very simplistic way to view the two specialties: An electrophysiologist is an electrician, and a cardiovascular specialist is a plumber. Those two aren’t particularly fond of that analogy, but it’s adequate to understand the difference.

The most dangerous symptom of cardiac pathology might surprise you. That symptom is NONE. Yes, we mean precisely that.

The first time you might present with cardiac disease is sudden death- with no symptoms before your heart stops. This is why screening for cardiac disease is so important. You need to be screened by a Chiang Mai heart doctor if you have any of the risk factors identified above. If you’re waiting until you get a symptom, that can be a disaster.

Chest pain is a symptom that most people associate with heart problems. The pain may feel unusual because it can radiate up to your jaw or down your left arm. The classic is central chest pain with a feeling of crushing in the middle of the chest- some patients report they feel like someone is sitting on their chest.

Other common signs of heart problems include shortness of breath, feelings of palpitations, or pooling of fluid in the ankles on both sides.

If you have any of these, please call our clinic, and we will do the appropriate investigations and treatment.