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Male hormone testing is incredibly important. It is not well known that testosterone levels have been dropping in males for the last 30 years or more. This means that a male hormone blood test for a 30-year-old male today does not have the same testosterone level as a 30-year-old male 25 years ago, this low testosterone level is seen in all age groups, and it’s not known why this is happening. There are many theories, but no definitive answer to why you do not have the same testosterone level as your grandfather did at the same age. This is extremely concerning – at BHP, we check hormone levels in men. We then treat appropriately based on those lab values.

The Benefits of Conducting a Mens Hormone Test in Chiang Mai at BHP

The benefits of Boston Health Polyclinic are that we assess each person individually, and look at their entire body system, and symptoms to determine the best hormone test and best treatment, including testosterone supplement. We use a state-of-the-art lab and specialized medical doctors. We emphasize confidentiality and trust in every patient interaction.

Understanding FSH and LH in Males: Key Indicators of Hormonal Health

FSH and LH in men are key indicators of hormonal balance. There is a very detailed interaction of hormonal regulation in the body which involves multiple organs, including the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and testicles in men. This is known as the hypothalamus–pituitary–testicular axis. They all have to work together for hormonal health.

Complete Male Hormone Test: A Comprehensive Approach to Men’s Health

A comprehensive approach to men’s health is required. It’s not enough to just do a mens hormone test. You need to look at the entire situation, do a complete history and physical, and then use an individualized treatment approach to optimize your health. Many men are pleasantly surprised at how much their life improves with proper treatment. We also test for LH and FSH in males.

The Benefits of Conducting a Mens Hormone Test



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Identify Male Hormone Imbalance with Advanced Testing

Identify Male Hormone Imbalance with Advanced Testing in Chiang Mai

You should be suspicious that you have a male hormone imbalance if you have any of the symptoms of low testosterone. Advanced testing is required, as well as a physician who specializes in treating male hormone imbalance. These advanced hormone tests are getting more specialized every year as more knowledge is discovered.

FSH and LH Testing for Men: Decoding Hormonal Signals

The various levels of your hormones interact with each other to send hormonal signals to the sex organs in your body, especially the testicles. These hormones regulate, and will affect your entire mental and physical health. It is impossible to overemphasize how important hormonal balance is. FSH and LH are just two of the hormones tested for in a complete hormone blood test for men. FSH and LH males are part of our male hormone testing panel.

Estrogen Test for Males: A Crucial Aspect of Hormone Testing

Most men don’t realize that estrogen is an important hormone for body function in men. Women need some levels of testosterone, and men need some levels of estrogen. It’s the imbalance that causes problems. All of these hormone levels are checked at BHP as part of your wellness.

Full Male Hormone Panel: In-Depth Analysis for Optimal Health

You need an in-depth analysis of your male hormones. Many patients don’t understand that each of these hormones interacts with each other, and that their relative ratio and absolute level are equally important. Your symptoms must be analyzed for part of the in-depth analysis. Then, medication can be optimized to get your hormone levels back to normal.

Complete Testosterone Test: Essential for Men’s Hormone Health

There’s a misunderstanding of what a complete testosterone hormonal test is. To be complete, you need all of the hormones tested that affect male function. The key ones are testosterone, FSH and LH, estrogen, TSH, and possibly cortisol and SHBG. When we test for testosterone, we also have to test for free testosterone.

Complete Testosterone Test

Men’s Hormone Panel Test: Your Gateway to Balanced Health

Optimal health is a question of balance. Your hormones have to be in balance, and the ratio of one hormone to another is almost as important as the absolute level. We know that men now have abnormally low testosterone levels compared to their ancestors. In fact, you probably have 25% less testosterone than your father did at the same age. Research is going on to determine why, but in the meantime, you should have your hormone levels tested and re-balanced so that your body is in a balanced state.

Men's Hormone Panel Test: Your Gateway to Balanced Health
Targeted Hormone Imbalance Test for Men in Chiang Mai

Targeted Hormone Imbalance Test for Men in Chiang Mai

Before you have your hormone blood test for men, you should have a complete history and physical detailing exactly what symptoms you are suffering from. You then have a customized blood panel for determining your hormone levels. A targeted hormonal imbalance test helps us determine appropriate treatment.

Hormone Blood Test for Men: Precise and Personalized Assessments

At Boston Health Polyclinic, we think that your mens hormone panel test has to be customized for you, including a detailed history and physical. It should be precise and personalized for each individual because your symptoms may be different, depending on how your body reacts to abnormal hormone levels.

Male Hormone Check: Step Towards Balanced Well-being

It’s not just longevity that’s important. It’s quality of life. A men’s hormone panel test is essential to enjoy the full quality of life as you age. Knowing that for some unknown reason the testosterone level in men is dropping 1% a year, this means that after 25 years you have 25% less testosterone than you should have at that age. Optimum well-being is impossible if your hormones are out of balance.

Specialized Hormone Level Testing for Men in Chiang Mai

We think it’s important to do specialized hormone testing. It’s not enough to simply test for testosterone levels. All the hormones need to be checked as well as their relative ratio. These specialized tests help us determine your best treatment plan.

Complete Hormone Test Male: Beyond Basic Analysis

A hormone level test for men is essential for measuring your endocrine system performance in regard to male hormones. Male hormone testing in Chiang Mai has to be professional, state of the art, and confidential. Of course, we do a basic analysis, but we also take a careful, detailed history, and symptom analysis, and create a treatment plan.

Hormonal Imbalance Test Men: Identifying the Signs and Solutions

Most people are shocked when they find out all the symptoms of hormone imbalance. You can develop depression, fatigue, and poor mental function regarding concentration and memory. Your sexual health is affected by loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and even a lowered sperm count. Physically, you can develop large breasts in men, and hair loss. Don’t be surprised if you have an increase in irritability and anxiety, as well as a disturbed sleep pattern.

Specialized Hormone Level Testing for Men in Chiang Mai

Arrange a Male Hormone Blood Test in Chiang Mai Today!

When you are seen at BHP, we will arrange a test for testosterone levels to make sure that your body is functioning at optimal performance. We also test for free testosterone, and make sure that your hormone test for men is complete. Your male hormone test in Chiang Mai is best performed at Boston.

Hormone Blood Test for Men Chiang Mai FAQs

LH is also known as Luteinizing hormone. This is one of the most important hormones required in the endocrine system – usually associated with women. What’s less commonly known is that both men and women have levels of these hormones, it’s just the ratio of how much, that is important. Both FSH and LH are released by the pituitary gland, and LH is sent to the testicles which initiates the formation of testosterone. You need LH for your testicles to work properly and do their job producing testosterone. FSH is follicle stimulating hormone, also required for proper function of the endocrine system. FSH stimulates hair growth. It is also important for producing sperm.

Abnormal LH levels can be both too high and too low, and each causes different problems in the body.

A hormone blood test men includes simply analyzing your blood for all the necessary hormones required for proper body function. It’s not just testosterone. Also, the relative ratio of hormones is as important as the absolute levels. Once these levels are analyzed, it helps us in creating a treatment protocol.

A men’s hormone panel test is performed quite simply. We take a vial of blood and have it analyzed in the state-of-the-art lab, checking not just for testosterone, but also free testosterone, LH, and FSH, and other hormones. We even check for estrogen, because the right balance between estrogen and testosterone is essential for your health. Women need some testosterone, and men need some estrogen. It’s when these levels are too high or too low that we get problems.

Low testosterone can cause muscle weakness and pain, loss of bone density, increased belly fat, and sleep disturbances. It can even causes poor mental health, including loss of libido, and depression. All of these can be due to low testosterone. The first step is a men’s hormone panel test, followed by your treatment to improve your life.

Come to Boston Health Polyclinic and have a detailed history and physical first. Then, we will take a blood sample to be tested, send it to the lab, and then we will sit down again and discuss the results of your lab tests.

It’s very easy to take your first step to wellness with male hormone testing. Come to Boston Health Polyclinic for a complete evaluation, blood testing, and treatment protocols to take your first step towards not just longevity, but a higher quality of life.